Terror 2000
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Album Releases

Terror For Sale

Slaughter in Japan- Live

Faster Disaster
HOME TOWN: Helsingborg, Sweden
Speed Strid - Vocals
Nick Sword - Guitars
Klas Ideberg - Guitars
Erik Thyselius - Percussive Destruction
Dan Svensson - Bass

Formed in the late nineties by some of the most successful and hard-working musicians of the Swedish metal scene, TERROR 2000 is back with a new, powerful, kick-ass thrash attack named Terror For Sale.

By 1998, Sweden picked up the dismantled pieces of the American scene and put them back together in the form of bands like The Haunted. And in 1999, an unknown band called Killing Machine joined the fight for thrash metal supremacy. Eventually changing their name to TERROR 2000, the four-piece hammered out their first album, the aptly titled Slaughterhouse Supremacy (Pavement/Scarlet), at Underground Studios (Carnal Forge, Necrodeath). Led by charismatic Soilwork front man, Björn “Speed” Strid and rounded out by Soilwork drummer Henry Ranta (who has since left to concentrate on The Defaced and Soilwork), Darkane guitarist Klas Ideberg and Nick Sword (guitar), TERROR 2000 recorded a blistering album that took the rawness and ferocity of Bay Area bands like Exodus and combined it with the distinctly ‘90s Swedish “At the Gates sound” and the rock ‘n’ roll hooks of metal veterans like Judas Priest. Along with the aforementioned The Haunted and other European upstarts like Dew-Scented, TERROR 2000 brought vitality, aggression and (most importantly) fun back into the thrash scene. Good songs didn’t hurt either.

The band has since added a new bass player, Dan Svensson (HATELIGHT), to the already solid line-up consisting of SOILWORK fame Bjorn “Speed” Strid on vocals, Klas Ideberg (DARKANE), Nick Sward (EL MAGO) on guitars and Erik Thyselius (CONSTRUCTDEAD) on drums. Terror For Sale is another strong effort from the same authors of albums such as Slaughterhouse Supremacy (2000) and Faster Disaster (2002): thrash metal at its best with furious guitars, smashing percussions and a new ironic vibe surrounded by what can bed considered Bjorn’s most aggressive vocals to date. Rob Halford.... beware!!

... what could go wrong with a brutal record with lyrics like this floating throughout?

Cocaine and a bottle of JJJJJack
In the name of the lord.... you gotta love it
Cocaine and crack and JJJJack
A prison cell provided by the lord

Eat my breakfast, drop the kids off
That’s how my daily life starts
On the highway ‘til it’s payday
I hate my job, I hate it all

I wanna be a hunk with a metal guitar
Cause people tell me I’ll go pretty far
I need some kicks and some Kerry King licks
And get the chicks by the bar

I’ll be getting the chi..chicks by the bar
I’ll be showing my tri..tricks on guitar

I like to hear you scream, I love the melody
I’d like to choke you with some chocolate ice cream
I like to see you crawl; trick or treat you’ll meet your destiny

Baseball for machos
La Crosse for the queer
Tap dance for grandpa
And his conservative peers
I may have vomit on my clothes
But I still know how to break some bones

Prepare yourself for the ULTIMATE METAL MASSACRE!