Ted Maul
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Album Releases

White Label
Ted Maul Issues Statement On Hellfire Festival
February 16, 2009
UK Drum N Bass Industrial Death Grinders, Ted Maul, have issued the following statement regarding their non-participation in this year's upcoming Hellfire Festival 2009, which kicks off this Friday, February 20, at the O2 Academy in Islington, UK:

"...I told the promoter months ago we could not do it, and he still put us on the ads.....
Sorry he has made us look like cunts for not playing it now....
We are looking for a drummer...we ain't found anyone yet, so u know what I'm sayin it ain't happenin...

Safe as fuck to everyone out there who still has love for the Ted...I know we been away for a while, but when we return u will all know our name again and feel the fucking pain with us again!!!! Pure Safeness!" - Uncle Ted

Ted Maul's last album, 'White Label', was released in 2007 on the band's own Raise The Game Records. The band is currently working on new material for the as-yet-untitled follow up to 'White Label'.

For more information and updates on Ted Maul, visit www.tedmaul.com or head on over to the band's Official Myspace page at www.myspace.com/tedmaul666.
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Decapitated EBay Charity Auction Donations
November 16, 2007
Polish Extreme metal titans Decapitated have posted the following update online, regarding the ebay charity auction that is being put together to help the families of Vitek and Covan in their time of need:

"There have been some questions from fans around the world regarding personal items they would like to donate to the band for the upcoming Decapitated eBay charity auctions.

The answer to this question is: OF COURSE!!

If you would like to donate your albums/merchandise/posters/stickers (and any item that is considered appropriate by eBay terms of use) please mail them to Nuclear Blast Europe or Nuclear Blast USA.

The names of everyone who donated items will be mentioned along with the listings. We truly value your help for this important cause."

European Item Donations Can Be Mailed To:

Nuclear Blast Europe GmBH
Attention: Vitek/Covan Assistance
Oeschstr. 40
73072 Donsdorf

North American Item Donations Can Be Mailed To:

Nuclear Blast USA
Attention: Vitek/Covan Assistance
2323 W. El Segundo Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA 90250
United States Of America

As previously reported, A Benefit show for Decapitated featuring Akercocke, Ted Maul, and soon-to-be announced special guests will be taking place on December 10th, 2007 at Underworld in London.
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Decapitated Needs Your Help
November 14, 2007
The following update was posted on Polish extreme metal titans Decapitated's Myspace Page:

"Friends, we need your help!

If you haven't already heard by now, Vitek passed away in a car accident while on tour in Russia a few days ago. Covan was also injured, and is recovering in a hospital. Their families are suffering because of this tragedy and need assistance.

On our page, there is info for donations which many of you have already seen and even participated in. We really appreciate each person's individual contribution, especially to those who put the banners on their (myspace) profiles and reposted bulletins for us! We can't thank you enough!

For those of you who are interested in the Ebay charity auctions and the Tribute T-shirts, all that info will be readily available in the coming days so CHECK BACK WITH US SOON!!
Thanks again everyone!!"

A Benefit show for Decapitated featuring Akercocke, Ted Maul, and soon-to-be announced special guests will be taking place on December 10th, 2007 at Underworld in London.
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Ted Maul was formed in September 2002 by Luca Grandi (guitar) and Daniel Reeves (keyboard). Both being ex-members of former band As she screams…(but in As she screams… Luca was bassist/vocalist). Lots of meetings/late night tune writing went on and a trilogy of songs were written and a drummer was hoaxed into joining… he came in the form of David Heggie ex-As she screams… drummer, the coincidence was ridiculous, three ex members of the same band re-uniting to make an even more extreme version of their old band…
It wasn't going to be easy though the band was three members down… a second guitarist, a vocalist and a bass player were required to complete the desired line up… The music in mind… a mixture of all our favorite bands but with some phat bass noises some skanky beats and a general air of darkness throughout the sound, trying to mix groove with extreme metal… Ted maul was originally planned as a death metal band you can dance to, with lyrics about the lives we lead, the emotions we endure and the reality's that surround us…anyway back to the story…

Three songs were recorded: "Like a centrifuge for thoughts" "The cat bites" and "Look into my eyes before I kill you" at Akercocke's "Goat of Mendes" Studio. These three songs were originally recorded and written to be part of the As she
screams album but their sound was so far away from As she screams' sound Luca and Reeves decided to start a new band using these songs as a starting point….
That band being Ted maul…

These songs were used as bait to entice members into the band and also a solid basis for Reeves and Luca to write lyrics over. Vocalist and friend Dave Kutchta (Now bassist of rock n rollers "Dusteroid"), joined the ranks a few weeks after the recording was made and rehearsals started on a regular basis under the name of "The monkey knife fight" but the guys found out about a quincey pop punk band from the states using the same name so they decided to name themselves "Ted Maul" for no reason whatsoever….
The boys felt a bassist was the most important step to take next, but wanted to keep it in the family and not have to get some git in the band they didn't really know, so they recruited they're bro in the form of Labrat bassist /busiest man in the world "Adam da rat'' Sagir who joined the band in October 2002. Ted tried to poach him (so did Stampin' Ground) but that man is just too damn underground (Not underground enough for Ted Maul though eh!!) OK so Adam didn't last long (couldn't learn the riffs!!*) and neither did Dave, but that's where Barrington comes in …

It must have been November 2002 when the band hooked up with Barrington (or Barrignion as he was later known on the continent) down in holloway road, the idea of adding hints of drum n bass to extreme metal/hardcore really gave this geezer the horn…and he could borrow a bass and play it! Safe!  (*not true)

It was around this time that Ted got in touch with Ian Glasper from Blackfish Records about the possibility of appearing on the labels forthcoming compilation album: ''An International Tribute To Thrash''. Ian was into the Ted so the boys got into the studio to record a cover of the mighty Overkill's ''Thanx For Nothin' ''. Since the guys had no current vocalist, vocal duties were carried out by Hegs and Luca (Hegs voice being in the vein of Jeff Walker, and Luca's more in a pissed up ridiculous hardcore style ) Reevesy joins in for the choruses, a fuckin' good laugh was had by all during the weekend of that recording, Barrington's thrash bass pick on the 'a' string was funny as fuck and thanks to Reevesys ' walnut whip breakfast and Martin Bonsoirs top class production skills, the guitar solo's on that song are done on keyboard before anyone gets any idea's about how tasty Luca's playing is!

Ted would like to take this opportunity to express utter safeness to Ian Glasper for the opportunity to appear on his tribute to thrash album. Ian, you are the first to give to Ted-Respect. It means a lot to us, especially Dave and Luca who used to thrash it out with one drum and a guitar with two strings 14 years ago trying to play Overkill! Cheers Ian big up the Blackfish cru!
…..…So yeah Barrington was in on bass but still no singer although rehersals with Captain Morbid (ex- Ignoramus) aka Merlyn Roberts ( John tardy's vocal stunt double!!) were in progress, but he went round the bloody world didn't he ,eh!!!….
Ted Maul played a one off gig (their only live appearance to date, with no vocalist) in January 2003 at the Barfly in Camden supporting Labrat and Beecher. Months more rehearsing followed and a wide array of vocalists came down to rehersals to wreck the mic… including…Mark from Ligature (a nicely caned picture of the death metal marky mark! pure guttural voice of hell ),Poshie from T.B.A.C./Method of Murder /Los Bastardos, Ivan from Los Bastardos, Juan Carlos from Borderline (or the little Jeff walker as we like to call him This guys voice is eeeeviiill!!!, Ivan from Los Bastardos (this man sounds like an evil crow!), Stefan from Germania ( I vant to rock, rock! !pure hardcore mother fucker…Digital hardcore!!), Loads of time wasting pricks who even asked us at the auditions: ''what did your advert mean by no time wasters!!! Hegs set them straight!) and finally Jeremy (aka Solomon J. Lucifer Christ ) from Gibraltan metallers Chamber of One , When we heard this guy we knew he was Ted….
We called him up and Luca met him on his lunch break from work to give him the demo tape with rough vocals on it and a sheet of lyrics. Jeremy listened to it all day and that night came down to rehearsal…

Two weeks later we re-recorded Jeremy's voice onto the demo and re-mixed it, during the recording the guy did 12 hours non stop vocals through the night. This man was an animal. He had to be part of Ted Maul. In May of 2003 Barrington quit Ted Maul due to pressures of the real world…and Pete Theobalds (Akercocke) stepped in to fill the missing frequency, and shortly after Dave Heggie (Drums) had to be admitted into hospital for reconstructive surgery to his left knee following an injury from back in 200?. This operation left Dave away from his drums right up until January of 2004. Luckily just before the operation three more drum tracks were laid down for : "spherical lie" "gutting the reason" and "and we tolerate the sickness". Between May 2003 and February 2004 a lot went on…not all good, but a lot went on…

One positive thing was that the three songs recorded before Dave's op were now completed with vocals guitars keyboard ect… and mixed to perfection (well almost) by Reeves and Luca at the now legendary wav.pimp studios, (Inlay design by DYZIO,  visualdept.co.uk) with female vocals on the final track by jazz singer Maria. The finished product being Ted's second demo …..(this doesn't include Reevesys countless drum n bass remixes of Ted's music ). Around this time our good friend (and 24hour computer helpline) Martin Bonsoir (Keyboards/Sound engineer for Akercocke) decided to part company from the band. Naturally the boys in Ak asked Reevesy to fill in for Martin, in few words it was an honour for the guys to ask Reeves and a way to return a few of the endless favors that our bro's in the Ak have done for us over the years. Luca is Dave Gray's (Akercocke) drum tech anyway so now that Reeves was also on the road too, Ted Maul really began to infect the audiences' of every show Akercocke played. CD's of Ted Maul's music were given to kids around the country...
By the time of Dave's (Drums) recovery in February 2004, Barrington had re-joined Ted Maul but this time as second guitarist, and a new bassist was found in the shape of ex-Loganstone bass player Warren Woodbridge. Warren then swapped and became second guitarist, and Barrington became the bass player again…. Then Barrington left again in May 2004, but Warren remains… Now bass duties are being undertaken by Dan (Tenfold truth) and new songs are being grinded together, "A catalogue of wasted opportunities" "The high commissioner" and "The flesh just burns" are the sounds that are ruining countless rehersals for the indie band next door to Ted Maul at their rehersal room. Finishing touches are still being added to Ted Maul's music. Expect to see them live at a venue near you before the end of the year.
Safe As Fuck….