Tardive Dyskinesia
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Tardive Dyskinesia Post Video Trailer Online
October 19, 2009
'The Sea of See Through Skins' is the title of the brand new album by greek metallers Tardive Dyskinesia, that was recently released on the 12th of October via Coroner Records.

Aggressive, math-metal, psychotic and obsessive are the keywords that identify this new work, amazingly mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacob at Split Second Sound Studio in Holland (Textures, Inquest, Chiraw).
'The Sea Of See Through Skins' tracklist:
1. Triggering The Fear Reactor
2. Complicity
3. Downfall
4. Dog
5. The Sea Of See Through Skins
6. Brains Trust
7. Ask E Sea
9. Reverse Arms
9. Tinge Of Irony
You can watch the video trailer of the new album below and listen to a full preview of the new album here.
For further information on Tardive Dyskinesia, visit http://www.coronerrecords.net/index.php?method=section&id=233.
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Tardive Dyskinesia Signs With Coroner Records
August 18, 2009
Greek progressive math-death metallers Tardive Dyskinesia signed with Coroner Records for the release of their second album, entitled 'The Sea Of See Through Skins', scheduled for the beginning of October.

The album, presented as an experimental and hypnotic trip into an obsessive and structurated world, features an incredible technical approach and an overload of math structures and tempos.

The album was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacob at Split Second Sound in Holland (Textures, Inquest, Chiraw).

A preview of the new tracks can be heard at the official Tardive Dyskinesia Myspace page or at Coroner Records Myspace page.
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Manthos Stergiou - Vocals and Guitar
Petros Nikiforakis - Guitar
Fotis Tsakos - Guitar on stage
Kornilios Kiriakidis - Bass
Stavros Rigos - Drums

Tardive Dyskinesia rose from the ashes of Override...

Override were formed in Nea Makri  (Greece) around 1996/97 while students Alexandros Leontaritis (drums), Manthos Stergiou (guitar) and Nikos Kalfin (bass/vocals) were experimenting in a DIY home studio in a living room somewhere. Their goal was to simply make music and their influences included all kinds of bands they dug. The end result was their first demo tape, which consisted of 4 raw mid tempo thrash/death metal tracks recorded on a 4-Channel tape recorder.

Since Alexandros and Nikos relocated to the UK to study, Manthos kept the band going joining forces with his childhood friend Mihali Rosolato (drums) and a weird guy they met in a bar, Kornilios Kiriakidis (bass). In the beginning, they would do Metallica, Sepultura etc. covers. As time went by though, Manthos took charge of the vocals and they started writing their own songs thus creating their first demo CD in 1999, "In Your Mind". The name of the band is still Override but their sound has evolved towards aggressive/hard core metal. The demo was well received by the music press and that brings us to their first live shows.

2001 brings yet another change about with Stavros Rigos taking over Mihali at the drums. The final line-up is slowly forming.

In 2002 the band released a second demo CD entitled "Not A Game". It was at that point that the modern metal they played and the experimental nature of their music - qualities that would go on to become their trademark - became more apparent.
The CD was once again well received and the music press starts taking more interest in the band. Live shows increase dramatically and it is during one of them that Override will meet Petros Nikiforakis, guitarist of Buried Emotion, a melodic/death metal band. Manthos will join in, playing second guitar for a while but unfortunately Buried Emotion didn't last long so Petros took over the second guitar with Override.

Here we are: 2003 and the beginning of their more creative period.
The change in sound brought about a change in name too: Tardive Dyskinesia (an illness caused by long-term use of psychotropic medication that manifests itself in involuntary, repetitive movements of the limbs).

In 2004, along with the continuing live shows, the band get started on their first album. Their sound is a lot more progressive now and as far as their music goes it's not only more edgy and distinct but also sharp, deranged and ductile.

Finally, in 2006, they signed with the Greek, independent label Venerate Industries and have "Distorting Point Of View" released. There were ten tracks on the CD, out of which "Accelerated (r)evolution" was made into a video clip. The band grows by one member: their friend Fotis Tsakos at the guitar, live shows become even more frequent and their stage presence is stronger, louder and more hyperkinetic since Manthos is only doing vocals on stage. With the release of "Distorting Point Of View" a fan base starts emerging and the band is being interviewed by well-known metal magazines, appears on TV and plays bigger events and festivals across Greece.

In 2007, having their own studio at last, they practice and rehearse more while working on the tracks for their second full length CD.

We're in 2008 and Tardive Dyskinesia have completed recording all ten tracks for their upcoming album "The Sea Of See Through Skins" that is the most promising and experimental album that ever done. The album was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacob (Textures, Inquest, Chiraw, Sengaia) at Split Second Sound in the Netherlands.

2009 The band signed with Coroner Records and the new album is going to be released in October!