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Album Releases

The Windscale Inception
HOME TOWN: Aachen , Nordrhein-Westfallen, GER

This beast captivates you and won’t let go! One moment a sweet refrain takes you up to the sky, the next moment a wall of hatred abruptly pushes you into an abyss with brutal force. You can feel the pure rage, the melancholy and the disruption in every inch of your body. No matter how much you resist, there is no escape. Inspiration for this manic sound is Syranis, demigod of cruelty and mercy, son of God Eros and the creature Hamysh-Git.

A first sign of life will appear early 2010 with the EP »The Windscale Inception«. This piece of hate, inspired by modern and technical metal, comprises 5 tracks of the Syranic Universe, which elevates the contrast between melody and mania to a whole new level.

You can show your support by pre-ordering Syranic's forthcoming EP, 'The Windscale Inception' at This Location.