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Album Releases

The Absolute Uncontrollable

A Communication Manual

Waging War
HOME TOWN: Winston-Salem, NC
Gary Forsyth (vocals)
Mikey Gentle (guitars)
Billy Deal (bass)
Jamie King (drums)

SWIFT formed in 1998 and quickly established itself in the southeastern heavy music scene. With influences from Foo fighters and Radiohead to Testament, Pantera and Metallica they wanted to mesh the excitement and power of aggressive music and the beauty of melody and song structure. They also focused on their stage show, attempting to captivate from a visual standpoint as well. In 1999 they released their debut EP "Thoughts Are Thought". After touring and promoting throughout 2000 and 2001, SWIFT decided it was time to work on a new record. The new CD is entitled "Waging War" and is due out 7.23.02. "Waging War" is simply a stunning release for an independent band, which is partially due to the exceptional production of drummer, Jamie King. Those of you not familiar with Jamie King's previous engineering work, please reference the latest releases by BLOODJINN, BELOVED and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. "Waging War" is 11 tracks of melodic, yet aggressive rock with a dash of pop sensibility, which will surely appeal to all fans of DEFTONES, GLASSJAW and INCUBUS.