Swarm Of The Lotus
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Album Releases

The Sirens Of Silence
HOME TOWN: Baltimore, MD
Pete (vocals/guitar)
Jamie (vocals/guitar)
Nathan (vocals/bass)
Chris (drums)

With their devastating mixture of boulder-cracking riffs and subtle musical soundscapes, SWARM OF THE LOTUS embody the word “massive.” The Baltimore-based quartet pounds out immense down-tuned heaviness like driving gargantuan bulldozers to hell and back was their day job. The band first made their mark on the music world last year with their debut record, When White Becomes Black, which threw down seismic riffs so devastating, the Richter scale and listener’s stereos were put to the test. Overwhelming praise followed the release of their debut, including features in many national publications and appearances on many “Best of 2004” lists. Shortly after the album’s release, the band hit the road for a two-month touring stint across the U.S., performing with a myriad of acts along the way (The Red Chord, Dove, Six Feet Under, etc.) while spending much of their time writing new material and honing their crushing wall-of-sound in preparation for their sophomore release. The band signed with Abacus Recordings while in the process of recording their new record at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou (Converge) from late 2004 to early 2005. The new record, The Sirens Of Silence, mastered by Alan Douches (A Life Once Lost, Burnt By The Sun), takes the band’s penchant for avalanche-sized cacophony to a whole new level. Revolving around such themes as the destruction of the earth and nature, mankind’s general apathy and apocalyptic deathwish, the new album teeters between claustrophobia and wide-open passages, allowing the listener intimate insight into the band's dynamic and grandiose creativity. SWARM OF THE LOTUS are gearing up to hit the road harder than ever with their self-proclaimed “A-Bomb Rock” in support of The Sirens Of Silence, so keep your ear to the ground. You’ll hear their rumble well in advance.