Summers End
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Summers End
Josh (vocals)
John (guitar)
Brian (guitar)
Jason (bass)
Dave (drums)

Rising from the ashes of previous bands, Abysmal Gates and Blood Runs Cold, guitarist John Letzkus and vocalist Josh Hansen had failed at the attempt of finding band members in New Jersey. Shortly after John moved back to Maryland to find members to fill the remaining positions of the band in the late fall. John then called friend/ex-bandmate Dave Eaton from previous band Burned To Ashes. Then the hunt was on to find a rhythm guitarist and bassist who fit the needed requirements. Soon after, rhythm guitarist Paul Macatee was discovered. The band begun to start writing material for a demo they planned on recording late winter. Soon after the recording was complete, bassist/friend Buckey came in for a temporary fill in for upcoming shows and after the first performance witnessed by the band they realized that it would be a mistake to let him go. The completed band line up had opened more things for the band such as touring, and having shared the staged with some bands such as, Gotham Road, As I Lay Dying, Chimaira, Haste, Caliban, Sworn Enemy, Anthrax, Tubring, Shadows Fall, and Integrity. The band is prepared for anything, and has the drive to show the fans of all genres of music what its truly about.