Suicide Note
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Too Sick To Dance (Forever Fucked)

Youre Not Looking So Good
A Plea Note
August 26, 2004
Suicide Note have cancelled the rest of their dates with Hot Cross due to financial reasons. The band released the following statement on the cancellation:

We regret to announce that our 9/tour with Hot Cross is now on hold. At this point in time the band can not afford to tour. After a month in the studio the bills pilled up. Hopefully we will be able to tour this winter.

The band's new album Too Sick To Dance (Forever Fucked) is set to hit stores October 19th through Ferret. Be sure to buy that album along with tons of the band's merch so they can get back on the road in support of the album.
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The Note Is Completed
July 22, 2004
Suicide Note have finished work on their new album Caucasia. The album will be released in October through Ferret Music. In support of the album, the band will be hitting the road with Hot Cross, here are the first batch of confirmed dates for the tour:

9/23 San Antonio, TX - The Revolution
9/25 Austin, TX - Jakarta Jaks
9/29 Las Vegas, NV - Balcony Lights (w/ Bleeding Kansas)
10/01 San Diego, CA - Che Café (w/ Bleeding Kansas)
10/02 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction (w/ Bleeding Kansas)
10/03 Los Angeles, CA - The Smell (w/ Bleeding Kansas)
10/04 Goleta, CA - Biko Co-Op (w/ Bleeding Kansas)
10/09 Seattle, WA - 2nd Ave. Pizza (w/ The Assailant)
10/11 Boise, ID - JD and Friends
10/13 Denver, CO - The Construct (w/ Bailer)
10/18 Iowa City, IA - Gabe's Oasis
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Suicide Note Enter Studio To Begin Recording
June 8, 2004
Suicide Note have entered the studio to begin work on their new album. Kurt Ballou of Converge is producing the album, which will be released later this year through Ferret Music.
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HOME TOWN: Indianapolis, IN

Suicide Note was originally known as Failsafe , a late '90s Northwest Indiana metallic hardcore band, the band eventually grew tired of the Failsafe moniker, in addition to their vocalist, and set about to solidify a new lineup and get a new name. At the time, the band consisted of Jason Gagovski (who also played drums in Chicago's Extinction ), Jay Golday (who has a Bachelors Degree in Jazz Guitar), and Bob Peele (magazine editor and veteran of several bands). They quickly added friend Casey Donley on vocals, scrapped all of their previous songs, and began writing material with a new direction and feel. Shortly afterwards, in the Fall of 1999, they recorded eight songs in Indianapolis and prepared a demo tape that sold a few hundred copies in a few months. In December of 2000, the band entered God City Studios with producer and Converge member, Kurt Ballou, to record an EP, "Come On Save Me," for Hawthorne Street Records. Critically and commercially acclaimed, the record quickly attracted the attention of Ferret Music , which signed the band in mid-2001. Suicide Note is as equally adept at producing blistering hardcore, as they are at dropping melodic and technical metal.