Strength In Numbers
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Album Releases

The Veil
Tyrone Campos (vocals)
Jason Lorentzen (vocals)
Mike Gurnari (guitar)
Joe Gurnari (guitar)
Anthony Paliaga (bass)
Bill Papenberg (drums)

From the forgotten ghost towns of South Jersey emerges STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, a powerful six-piece whose infectious brand of metal has been festering beneath the surface of the Jersey underground like a landfill. Although, not officially formed until 2002, the boys have been jamming together as different incarnations since high school. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS first began to make waves when they released their self-produced EP, "Rise And Resist." The EP quickly sold out and started a solid buzz about the band and in a short time, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS built an impressive local following and were heralded for their prowess in the live arena. They were even voted "best live band" two years in a row by readers of the area's major newspapers. After signing with Ironbound Recordings, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS found themselves holed up in the legendary Trax East Studios recording their debut full length with Eric Rachel (ATREYU, HATEBREED, MASTODON) at the helm. Along the way, they managed to impress yet another local metal hero, Dallas Coyle of GOD FORBID, who lent some additional production for the album that would become their Ironbound debut, "The Veil." Intent on bringing something fresh into a genre that has become a caricature of itself, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS break down the barriers between metal, rock, and hardcore, toeing the line between thrashing brutality and soothing melody. Deriving much of their influences from the real metal of the 1980s, they are a throwback, of sorts, to a time when songs actually mattered. While most of today's "metalcore" bands seem to be more concerned with who wears the tightest t-shirts or how many ways to refer to dying or blood in their band name, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS actually focus on the music... and it shows.