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Album Releases

HOME TOWN: Virginia Beach, VA
Jon Spencer (vocals)
Scottie Henry (guitar)
Matt Beck (guitar)
Dan Tulloh (bass)
Chris Raines (drums)

Virginia's Spitfire published several releases and showed up on a number of compilation discs before jumping to Solid State Records (Underoath, Zao, Norma Jean), the aggressive music imprint label for Tooth and Nail Records (Further Seems Forever, MxPx). The band, a trio at the time, would release "The Dead Next Door," its only full-length for Solid State in 1999. Following their stint on the label, Spitfire would regroup as a quartet, while publishing a CDEP on Canada's Goodfellow Records (The Cursed, Taken), "The Sideshow Whiplash," in 2001. After months of rumors, the band broke up in late 2001, with several members moving on to other projects. The band has recently rejoined adding Scottie Henry from the metal outfit Norma Jean and Dan Tulloh from the shock rocking Scarlet. Musically, Spitfire plays a hybrid of metal and hardcore that is comparable to Every Time I Die, The Melvins, and even Deadguy. Fans of frantic, chaotic, technical metalcore should check out this underrated and under-appreciated band.