Soul Embraced
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Soul Embraced Post New Song Online
March 11, 2007
Soul Embraced, the Little Rock, Arkansas-based band featuring Evanescence drummer William "Rocky" Gray, has uploaded a new song, entitled "Knife Wound", on its MySpace page.

Soul Embraced has completed seven songs for its new album, tentatively titled 'I Am the Dead'. The band is currently in negotiations with a label to get the CD released sometime this summer.

Soul Embraced is:

Rocky Gray - Guitar
Chad Moore - Vocals
Lance Garvin - Drums
Jack Wiese - Guitar
Jeff Bowie - Bass
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Soul Embraced: New Demo Tracks Posted Online
December 26, 2006
Soul Embraced, the Little Rock, Arkansas-based band featuring Evanescence drummer William "Rocky" Gray, has posted two new demo tracks on its official MySpace page. A new band photo can be seen at this location.

Originally a side project of drummer David Sroczynski and William "Rocky" Gray from Shredded Corpse, Soul Embraced dissolved after creating one song for a metal compilation. Rocky would reform the band with fellow Living Sacrifice member and Christian metal legend Lance Garvin (drums) and his brother in-law Chad Moore (vocals). When Rocky and Lance weren't busy with Living Sacrifice, they would hammer away at making material for their death metal side project. The band released an EP (1999's 'The Fleshless' EP), and three albums (2000's 'For The Incomplete', 2002's 'This Is My Blood', and 2003's 'Immune') over a five-year span. Soul Embraced's debut album, 'For the Incomplete', was re-released in 2003 by the independent label Blood and Ink Records. Since 2003, Rocky has been busy with Evanescence as their drummer, and Chad is serving as Rocky's drum tech.
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HOME TOWN: Little Rock, AR
Chad Moore (vocals)
Lance Garvin (drums)
Rocky Gray (guitar)

Rare is it in the metal world that side-projects are taken seriously. They often fall victim to members other bands or schedules and dissolve with mere whimpers. So let it be said: Soul Embraced is NOT a side project. Nor is this a one-shot record. They are the real deal, with enough conviction and metal in their veins to launch themselves to the front of the aggressive pack, and their newest album, Immune, is set to prove it. Its no secret that two thirds of Soul Embraced, Lance Garvin drums, and Rocky Gray guitars, serve time in the devastating Living Sacrifice, and from the beginning its also obvious that there is a clear distinction between the two bands. Chad Moore vocals, enters the fray with a vocal display that is all over the spectrum while perfectly stitching together the staccato-tight riffs and percussive battery with surgical aplomb. While keep the brutality consistent throughout the ten tracks, there are plenty of moments where Soul Embraced breathe life into the caustic mix with melodic guitar licks and cleanly sung passages, giving a nod to their peers and label-mates Demon Hunter and Zao. Produced by Barry Pointer (Zao, Living Sacrifice, Embodyment) at Poynters Palace in Little Rock Arkansas, Soul Embraced have taken their straightforward approach to death-metal and documented it with crushing heaviness, technical chugging and a twist of experimentation. Simple enough to catch all metal fans and definitely bold enough to break down barriers between old and new, Soul Embraced are a celebration of all that is metal. Truly, this is motivation for other side projects to step it up or just give up.