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Scouting The Boneyard
Sons Of Azrael Unleash 'Scouting The Boneyard'
January 21, 2010
Buffalo's melodic death metallers, Sons of Azrael, released their sophomore effort earlier this week on Ironclad Recordings entitled 'Scouting the Boneyard'. This album takes on a darker turn musically and lyrically and is for fans of many different styles of extreme metal.

Two songs off the album, "Arson and Apathy" and the title track "Scouting the Boneyard" are now being streamed on Ironclad Recordings Myspace page at

Sons Of Azrael
Hailing from the depths of Buffalo, NY... Sons Of Azrael are back and working harder than ever on their crusade of rendering the fakes powerless, keeping the skeptics at bay, and turning heads in countless parts of the country. Turning non believers into strong followers while decimating the boundaries between both the old and new schools of death and thrash metal.

With the current polished trends of the mainstream music industry at an all time low, The Sons have decided to turn it up a notch and bring it back to the days of old.. exploring the deep organic sounds of early death and black metal while tredding in new waters with paralyzing lyrics and a dynamic rhythm and percussion approach, the newest album 'Scouting the Boneyard' in stores and itunes January 2010 via Ironclad Recordings will prove once again that Sons Of Azrael are still doing their civic duty to keeping American metal true and unscathed in their heavy and progressive sound.

Since the 2007 debut album, 'The Conjuration Of Vengeance' released via Ironclad/Metalblade records, Sons Of Azrael have brought their sound all across the continent and in the midst of their journey, have also evolved as musicians just as much as their roster. As of 2009 they have added lead guitarist Karl Kirsch and drummer Alex Chambers to the mix, helping to develop the many new audible changes that have helped transform the sound of the SOA into a well dressed torture chamber for the mind and soul. Original members; vocalist and lyrical mastermind Joseph Siracuse, guitarist and songwriter Tony Lorenzo, and bass guitarist Rob Steinwandel have all returned through blood, sweat and tears working very hard by putting their talents to the test and putting their money where their mouths are for the newest effort, 'Scouting the Boneyard' which the band is preparing to bring to the road and to fans across the world in the year of 2010.

This is a new era for metal across the nation....
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