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End Of Days
Soldiers Set To Release New Album
June 4, 2009
Long Island's Soldiers are feverishly writing for their follow up album to 2008's 'End Of Days'. Singer and songwriter Rick Jiminez checked in with Trustkill to say, "We've had some time this spring and summer between the activity of all of our other bands and started writing some new shit. It's been a while since we had written and released 'End Of Days', so we approached this from a totally refreshed perspective. The stuff is still as pissed and frustrated as ever."

Speaking more specifically on some new songs, Rick said, "The past year and a half have built up quite a bit of cynicism and rage in me and the music also reflects that. "Black Scar" is a new song that switches the perspective of how I usually approach a song. Instead of focusing my attention towards how I observe others and their actions, I've used the song to express what I've become because of the filth I see and am sometimes forced to be surrounded by."

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HOME TOWN: Long Island, NY
Vocals: Rick Jimenez
Guitar: Brian Audley
Guitar: Chris Mazella
Drums: Dan Bourke
Bass: Andrew Jones

Soldiers is not only a product of its five members, but the Long Island Hardcore scene as a whole. Forged from the desire to express opinions and thoughts in a non-traditional way, Soldiers is a band made up of experienced, hard-working kids who have toiled on the road away from their island home for many years. Soldiers represents a new Long Island sound; a reaction to all that has come before and the need to face new challenges. In April of 2006, This Is Hell bandmates Rick Jimenez and Dan Bourke, eager to start a new project, just needed to recruit the right members to complete the Soldiers regiment. Rick and guitarist Chris Mazella were both members of Subterfuge from 1996-2003; during those years Chris was the frontman and Rick held down duties on the drums. Playing in that band helped shape both a social and musical consciousness for both Long Island natives, but the confines of the drum kit would not allow Rick to express himself fully. After enlisting current Last Conviction guitar-player Brian Audley, bassist Andrew Jones of the now-defunct Long Island workhorse the Backup Plan joined the camp. Soldiers was now ready to take action. The new Long Island unit got right down to business after forming in April 2006, recording and self-releasing their debut “The Tombstone EP” in May. After playing a handful of shows, Soldiers attracted Five Point Records with their brutal and honest brand of hardcore. Five Point re-released “The Tombstone EP” in August, and the band hit the road for a Northeastern tour shortly afterward. The members that comprise Soldiers have been on the front lines for years, and now working together they are poised and ready to fight for what they believe in; the music, their scene, and themselves…prepare for war!