Societys Finest
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Album Releases

And I, The Drunkards

Love, Murder, And A Three Letter Word
HOME TOWN: Arlington, TX
Josh (vocals)
Nick (guitar)
Eli (guitar)
Zach (bass)
Jordan (drums)

Lots of bands are either hindered or have fallen into the dark abyss of oblivion when they seem to have a revolving door of members who come and go like erratic weather seasons. Not Society's Finest. Originally formed in 1997, the band has released two splits (with My Spacecoaster on Executive Records and Rise Over Run on Goodfellow Records), one EP (Private Conflicts and Suicides on Pluto Records), and a full length (The Journey...So Far on Solid State Records), and done nothing short of grow stronger and more musically challenging along the whole journey. Rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated and blown out of proportion through the beauty and convenience of modern computer technology. Weathering the storms of touring life has led the band to stints in the Midwest, West Coast, and East Coast. Many times they have shared the stage with such acts as Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, Candiria, Living Sacrifice, Hatebreed, POD, Stavesacre, and Stretch Arm Strong. Energetic, tired, sick, or wired, when you see Society's Finest, you know they're going to give you your money's worth. The band toured the end of 2002 into 2003. After playing Cornerstone 2003 to critical acclaim, the band once again faded into the background. The different members went their seperate ways and formed other bands (The Kinetic Sense and Thorn VS. Side). Josh Ashworth was asked to replace Dan Weyandt in ZAO and tour with them. Josh gladly accepted and left for the road. When Dan returned to ZAO, Josh found himself renewed and wanted to get Society's Finest back up and going. After nine months of lying dormant, the band is poised and ready to attack the heavy music scene once again. Josh promises that the new direction the band is going in far surpasses any musical definition put upon Society's Finest in the past. In June of 2004, Society's Finest penned a record deal with Florida-based Hand Of Hope Records, which was started by Eulogy Recordings founder John Wylie and Evergreen Terrace's Christopher Brown. The band's new album, entitled "Love, Murder, and a Three Letter Word", will be distributed through Victory Records-giving the band even better exposure. The band will also be touring from July 16th until forever.