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Earache Records To Kick Off 'Radium' Series
March 13, 2007
Former Society 1 front man Matt Zane, in conjunction with porn juggernaut Pleasure Productions, is launching a unique porn series entitled 'Radium', which will feature the latest metal videos, band interviews, and loads of hot and heavy porn!

'Radium' will feature Pleasure Productions starlet and Kentucky native, Tera Wray, as host of the 'Radium' series. Tera Wray will be interviewing metal’s hottest up-and-coming acts, play a diverse mix of new metal videos, and address all things metal – culturally, musically and sexually. Creating the perfect marriage of extremity, the premier episode of 'Radium' will feature an all Earache Records roster – including videos from Municipal Waste, The Berzerker, Mortiis, and With Passion. The issue will also include a live interview with Tera and With Passion at the California Metal Fest, as well as Tera getting a drum lesson from Society 1 drummer Berzerk Kirk.

Matt Zane will be producing the series, firmly standing by the budding alt-porn industry, recognizing the relevance of this union stating “people always will want to see porn, and metal has been around since the 70’s.” Keep a lookout for the premier episode of 'Radium' and check out some of Matt Zane’s other alt-porn endeavors such as 'Tattooed and Tight' at
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'Club Satan': Black Metal, Satanism, And Porn All In One
March 11, 2007
The Satanic forces are uniting behind the first ever Satanic porno movie, "Club Satan: The Witches' Sabbath". This film was overseen by an actual priest in the Church Of Satan, and includes a real Black Mass, the likes of which has not been caught on tape since Anton LaVey's "Satanis" more than 30 years ago.

From start to finish "Club Satan" has involved true Satanic Warriors — from director Shane Bugbee, to star and producer Matt Zane, black metal legends Dark Funeral who make their film debut in this movie, and Extreme Associates, the most controversial porn company in the world, whose owners are currently facing life in prison for the movies they have released.

According to the filmmakers, "Club Satan: The Witches' Sabbath" offers viewers "real Satanism, the very best music, plus hot wax, urine, and gallons of blood! This is not a movie for the faint of heart, it is not for the casual viewer. Finally, here is porn for Satanists and metalheads, made by Satanists and metalheads! It is pure evil and total blasphemy!"

Matt Zane and Shane Bugbee first became what has been termed by AVN "The Satanic Juggernaut" back in June when together they counted down to the new Satanic Millennium on June 6, 2006 in Los Angeles. Matt Zane and his band Society 1 even appear in a television special about the sinister date of 6-6-06, the show ran on the FX channel, and appears in its entirety on the worldwide DVD release of the new "Omen" movie.

Society 1 is well known for their legion of fanatical fans who refer to Zane as "The Lord", and often scar and tattoo themselves with the band's logo to show their devotion to the "Inner Circle" — Zane's personal Satanic philosophy and secret organization. Matt Zane, the trail blazing porn director, Satanic guru, and Society 1 frontman, appears in "Club Satan" as the High Priest and performs a real Black Mass — Zane's strong devotion to the Left Hand Path made him the only logical choice to convey the power, mysticism, and fierce sexuality that this Sex Magic Ritual required. Director Shane Bugbee says, "Matt Zane makes dabblers like Marilyn Manson pale by comparison."

"Club Satan: The Witches' Sabbath" has influenced and inspired a whole new genre of pornography, as numerous fans and amateur filmmakers have begun to create their own satanic themed sex movies and websites, and even the big adult companies are scampering to imitate this much anticipated film. The new Satanic Millennium is upon us, now it is time to revel in the pleasures of the flesh!

"Club Satan: The Witches' Sabbath" DVD and CD soundtrack will hit stores March 25, 2007. The soundtrack CD includes Dark Funeral, Society 1, Acheron, and many more!

For more information, visit
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Society 1 Featured On 'The Omen' DVD
October 21, 2006
Society 1 is in a special feature entitled "Revelation 666" on the newly released 'The Omen' DVD. The band is interviewed about the infamous date of 6/6/06, Satan and their basic opinions of life and death.

The DVD, released October 17, includes a commentary by director John Moore, producer Glenn Williamson and editor Dan Zimmerman. It also contains unrated extended sequences, unrated alternate ending, Omenisms, Abby Road Sessions and Trailers.
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HOME TOWN: Hollywood, CA
Matt Zane (vocals)
Sin (guitar)
Aleister (bass)
Dagon (drums)

Fronted by Hollywood extremist, Matt Zane, Society 1 are at the forefront of the new breed of LA metal bands. With a pounding industrial pulse, ballistic guitar assault, and Matt Zane's extreme visions, Society 1 have earned comparisons to Marilyn Manson, Ministry, and Pantera. Society 1 first rose to notoriety in 1999 with their debut album, "Slacker Jesus". In the years since, the band have toured relentlessly and earned massive press coverage through such media outlets as MTV, VH1, Billboard, Details, Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver, and Kerrang!. Earache US label boss, Al Dawson, had this to say about the Society 1 signing: "In his music, his films, and his everyday life, Matt Zane pushes boundaries and takes things to the next level. That's what Earache's been about since Day One. We are proud to be working with Matt and Society 1. I've known Matt for a few years now and I've seen how other labels don't have the balls to work with him. They can't handle an artist with the extreme vision and determination that Matt possesses. They can't handle the controversy a guy like Matt creates. We embrace that controversy."