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Album Releases

Bright Flashes

End Transmission

Designs For Automation
HOME TOWN: Buffalo, NY
Daryl Taberski (vocals)
Dustin Perry (bass)
Jon Salemi (guitar)
Tim Redmond (drums)
Frank Vicario (guitar)

2000 will be considered by most the breakthrough year for Buffalo New York's Snapcase. With the highly successful 1997 Progression Through Unlearning release, Snapcase have charted new territories that have propelled to them forefront of heavy music. Snapcase are preparing for their yet untitled upcoming release. This release will come on the heels of the bands most successful year to date. Snapcase are much more than music they are a movement, a lifestyle, a commitment. Explosive and emotional are what Snapcase bring to the stage at each of their performances. The band plays to have fun and entertain its audience.They bridge the gap that unifies the audience with the band that creates an unforgettable experience. Wether it is on a large stage or in a intimate setting Snapcase deliver the same powerful impact. That is why they have been sought by many bands to be a part of some very high profile tours. The most notable being the Warp Tour and the Deftones US tour. Both tours have not only added to the bands fanbase but the respect of their peers and music industry has grown exponentially. Snapcase convey a message. Their message of individuality and self-realization is something the band strives for throughout their lyrics. Their drummer Tim Redmond explains, "we unlearn everything that society has taught us about race, gender, dietary habits, economic pursuits and personal behavior and to think and develop opinions for ourselves". This sums up the vision that band expresses to its audience. In contrast to the general trend of hardcore thought, Snapcase seek to accentuate the positive and work toward a brighter future. Snapcase are a belief system, they are a sign of the changing times. This success Snapcase has encountered has not tainted the bands desire and commitment to their fans. First and foremost is the friendship and release that Snapcase has given to each member of the band. With all the accomplishments that have taken place Snapcase are still humbled and look to all of this as a gift and not as a birthright.