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HOME TOWN: Sacramento
Chris - Lead Vocals
Chad - Lead Vocals
Cody - Guitars
Russ - Guitars
Jeff - Bass
Mike - Drums

Skribble is through with the bullshit. With roots that go back before many of these pathetic, shit talking, fake ass, local bands even knew what metal was. Skribble still dominates the scene. Now more than ever this band has dedicated themselvs to metal. Skribble has decided to only accept serious show offers & are recently looking for a u.s. tour with a national act.

Skribble has shared the stage with names such as Cryptopsy, God Forbid, Arsis, Mnemic, Silent Civilian, Bleed the Sky, With Passion,Abysmal Dawn, Conducting from the Grave, Goatwhore, Skinlab, Violence, Pissing Razors, to name a few. Also, Skribble's 2002 song "Ghosts" has been featured in the major motion picture "Little Athens".

In essence, their priority is simply to have fun doing what they love, keeping each crowd they play to captivated and lusting for their next performance. Catch a performance and you can easily see where the flame for this dedication is fanned. They welcome all reviews, personal and press, as they pave the way for major bragging rights.