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Six Feet Under Unveil Track List For 'Graveyard Classics 3'
November 9, 2009
Tampa, FL's kings of groove laden death metal, Six Feet Under, are back with their 3rd installment of the band's cover series, 'Graveyard Classics 3', due out on Metal Blade Records January 19th 2010. 'Graveyard Classics 3' was recorded at D.O.I. Digital Audio in Tampa, FL, was mixed at Audiohammer Studios by Mark Lewis, and was produced by Chris Barnes.

Here's what the godfather of gore and death Chris Barnes has to say about the band's latest chapter in the Graveyard Classics chain:

“We went about picking the tracks for this installment of Graveyard Classics by really just trying to search out songs from early on in our musical upbringing, as well as tracks from when we were just fans of heavy music, before we started playing in a band. Once again choosing songs that have really stuck with us over the years, also choosing the songs that we felt would sound interesting when played in the SFU ‘death groove' style.

Through the years of doing covers, many of our fans have inquired about us covering a Slayer or a Metallica song. It was really something we wanted to do for some time, those two bands being our biggest influences, as well as influencing a generation of death metal musicians.

To sum it up…this is a tribute to honor the great teachers that have influenced us as well as the world of metal we all belong to. We hope our fans will enjoy.“

Track listing for 'Graveyard Classics 3':
1. A Dangerous Meeting - Mercyful Fate
2. Metal On Metal - Anvil
3. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity - Metallica
4. At Dawn They Sleep - Slayer
5. Not Fragile - BTO
6. On Fire - Van Halen
7. Pounding Metal - Exciter
8. Destroyer - Twisted Sister
9. Psychotherapy - The Ramones
10. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck - Prong

For more info on Six Feet Under, visit
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Vote For The Summer Slaughter 2009 Line Up
November 16, 2008
The following update was posted on the Official Summer Slaughter Myspace page:

"2009 is just around the corner. Next years 'Summer Slaughter' will be the biggest to date. No official line up just yet! But more updates will come within the next few months. In the mean time we want to hear your voices!

Every week for the next month we will post 5 different bands. Out of those 5 bands we want to know which 2 YOU would most like to see on next years run of 'The Summer Slaughter Tour!'


To see the first list and put in your vote, add the Summer Slaughter Myspace page as a friend, and then head on over to this location.

For more info and updates, be sure to visit
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Metal Blade Records Re-launches Online Store
November 2, 2008
Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the re-launching of its online store where fans can find items from Metal Blade artists both new and classic. Head over to to check out the new store which features CD’s, vinyl, t-shirts, and more from Metal Blade artists as well as official Metal Blade merchandise.

Metal Blade Records is also pleased to announce that 300+ releases are now available for digital download, most at $8.99 or lower per album. Metal Blade is also please to offer price reductions across the board on CD’s, DVD’s, posters, merch, and more.

Currently the Metal Blade Store has pre-orders available for a limited time for Behemoth’s EP 'Ezkaton' and Six Feet Under’s full length 'Death Rituals'.

Pre-order BehemothEzkaton” Digipak - $7.99
Pre-order BehemothEzkaton” Deluxe Edition - $59.99
Pre-order Six Feet UnderDeath Rituals” - $11.99
Pre-order Six Feet UnderDeath Rituals” CD/T-Shirt Package - $19.99

In other news, check out the track “Qadosh” from Behemoth’s EP 'Ezkaton', now available on the band’s MySpace page.
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Six Feet Under CD Release Party, In Store Signing
October 24, 2008
Tampa, Florida’s groove laden death metal outfit, Six Feet Under, will be heading down to the Sound Exchange of Brandon for a CD release party and in-store signing on Saturday November 15th. 'Death Rituals' will be available everywhere November 11th 2008, but fans can check out two new tracks, "Seed of Filth" and "Shot in the Head", now up on the band’s MySpace page.

'Death Rituals' track listing:
1. Death By Machete
2. Involuntary Movement Of Dead Flesh
3. None Will Escape
4. Eulogy For The Undead
5. Seed Of Filth
6. Bastard
7. Into The Crematorium
8. Shot In The Head
9. Killed In Your Sleep
10. Crossroads To Armageddon
11. Ten Deadly Plagues
12. Crossing The River Styx
13. Murder Addiction

Saturday Nov 15, 2008
at 5:00 PM

Sound Exchange of Brandon
732 West Lumsden Road
Brandon, Florida 33511
United States

For more info visit, or
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Six Feet Under To Release 'Death Rituals'
September 23, 2008
Tampa, FL’s Six Feet Under are set to release their 8th full-length studio album titled 'Death Rituals' on November 11th, 2008. Legendary death metal vocalist Chris Barnes, along with guitarist Steve Swanson, bass legend Terry Butler, and drummer Greg Gall, continue to follow the dark and demented path that merges what Outburn Magazine calls “tried and true death groove” with stomach-turning lyrics and themes.

'Death Rituals' track listing:
1. Death by Machete
2. Involuntary Movement Of Dead Flesh
3. None Will Escape
4. Eulogy For The Undead
5. Seed Of Filth
6. Bastard
7. Into The Crematorium
8. Shot In The Head
9. Killed In Your Sleep
10. Crossroads To Armageddon
11. Ten Deadly Plagues
12. Crossing The River Styx (Guitar Outro)
13. Murder Addiction

'Death Rituals' saw the band returning to Morrisound Studios in Tampa, FL with Chris Carroll at the helm with mixing duties being handled by Toby Wright and the return of Six Feet Under’s old friend Bill Metoyer, who recorded the bands CD 'Warpath', helping out with recording of the drums.

'Death Rituals' will be available everywhere November 11th 2008.

For more information on Six Feet Under, head on over to, or visit
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HOME TOWN: Florida
Chris Barnes - Vocals
Terry Butler - Bass
Greg Gall - Drums
Steve Swanson - Guitars

Quite possibly one of the most important bands to be set loose upon the underground, Six Feet Under's latest effort Bringer of Blood, the band's fifth studio release, is nothing short of true brilliance and will without a doubt be one of the most prolific releases the band has put out to date. Blending the perfect mixture of grooves and raw aggression this band has everything from hooks to a full assault on ones senses. While lyrics on past albums have been more like scenes from a horror movie this time around Chris Barnes has taken it to another level of reality. Coming more from past experiences and current views on the world Bringer of Blood takes a step into a more reality-based point of view. The band has evolved in way that will only push them further into the mainstream without losing an ounce of brutality that the band has become famous for. With the release of Bringer of Blood Six Feet Under will undoubtedly take reign as the biggest death metal band in the underground scene today. Since the release of their first album Haunted in 1995 death metal icon and forefather Chris Barnes and company have created some of the most stand out songs among the death metal community today. Originally started as a side project by then Cannibal Corpse lead throat Chris Barnes along with Obituary guitarist Allen West, Death's Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gall quickly turned it into a full time band after Chris' departure from Cannibal Corpse that same year. Since then the band has been regarded as one of the world's most respected groups in extreme music. In 1998, guitarist Steve Swanson of the seminal death metal act Massacre joined the fold replacing West. His contribution would mark a significant turning point. And with the release of 1999's Maximum Violence, the world beyond metal took notice. Tours with Danzig and a stint on the 2000 Vans Warped Tour (an honor usually reserved for the Punk Rock elite) followed, making Maximum Violence their most successful release to date.So sit back and prepare to have your face ripped off by what is sure to be the death metal album of 2003!