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Album Releases


Imitating The Screen
Jamie Stem (vocals/sampler)
Tony Lannutti (guitar/synth)
Mike Abramson (bass)
Dan McFarland (drums)

When Sinch formed in late 1994, they were not thinking about money or record contracts. In fact, the four members met and formed the band while still in high school. They got together for two main reasons: one - because of a mutual dissatisfaction in the originality of most of the music they were hearing, and two - to try and create something that had never been done before. By the end of their first year together, the band had released a demo tape, simply called, "Sinch." The recording itself wasn't anything special, but it made them realize that this was what they wanted to do in life. During their senior year in high school, Sinch began playing shows at local clubs and working on new material. Within a year, they had enough new material to release a full length album. In 1996, they entered the studio and came out with "The Strychnine." It was a big step ahead for the young band but they were still learning and defining their own style. In the year that followed, Sinch played countless shows all over the East Coast, eventually selling over 1,000 copies of "The Strychnine." Their live show improved drastically during that time, as did their songwriting skills. Another year of performing together produced an album's worth of brand new music. The band decided to record their new material and put out a new album. In December of 1998, their second full-length, "Diatribe," was released at a hugely successful CD release party. The band continued to widen its fanbase, selling their CDs at shows and through several local and national record stores, and recieveing radio airplay, including 94.1 WYSP, 93.3 WMMR, and The Pipeline Radio show which airs several times a week in Philadelphia, parts of NJ, and New York City. Finally, four years of constant rehearsing and playing in front of live audiences began to pay off. The band started getting opportunities to play with major label acts such as: Korn, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, Chevelle, and Full Devil Jacket. Throughout their career they've also played countless shows with successful bands from their own area: Tidewater Grain (RuffNation/WB), Tapping the Vein (Nuclear Blast), Liquid Gang (Lava/Atlantic), Shaft (Evil Teen), Phly, and Suburban Hoodz, to name a few. At this point in their career, the band is as tight as its ever been. They recently signed a record deal with Roadrunner Records and are currently writing and rehearsing material for their debut album, which they hope to release in the Fall of 2001.