Since By Man
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Album Releases

Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse

A Love Hate Relationship

We Sing the Body Electric

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HOME TOWN: Milwaukee, WI
Jon Kraft (drums)
Sam Macon (vocals)
Bryan Jerabek (bass)
Kevin Herwig (guitar)
Justin Kay (guitar)

Formed in Milwaukee, WI in 1999 by five close friends, Since By Man have created a solid foundation from two full U.S. tours and three releases on other indie labels, all now out of print. The years of growth and hard work have lead them to their new home on Revelation Records and the release of their debut full length We Sing The Body Electric. We Sing The Body Electric encompasses the passion and drive the band puts out on stage. Jon's drumming provides the backbone while guitarists Kevin and Justin, and bassist Bryan, add their distinct abilities to amplify the power of Since By Man. Sam Macon's vocals complete the ensemble and together form a cohesive, powerful unit that aim to give back to the musical community some of the sincerity and inspiration that it gave them. Recorded by Kurt Ballou (God City Studios, Converge), Since By Man were able to capture a sound that truly brings forth the band's awe-inspiring music. The sharp deliveries from the band may seem possible to classify but the comparisons are only part of the outline; the actual substance is free of carbon copies.