Silent Fate
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Album Releases

The Autumn Machine
Alessio- Vocals
Anthony - Bass
Vocals & Keys
Frank "Junior"- Lead Guitars
Steve- Guitars
Danny- Drums

SILENT FATE was formed in 2001 with a desire to grab metal music by the ear.  However, artistic differences dissolved the band just after their debut album was released.  Circa 2006: SILENT FATE founder Anthony Paganini began the task of SILENT FATE's postmortem reconstruction.
As owner/operator of The Mess Studio in New York, Paganini unwittingly auditioned new members while producing records for their bands. Hand-picking his dream band of collaborators, Paganini reformed SILENT FATE as the band it is today. 

When asked to explain the tone of The Autumn Machine, SILENT FATE: “The idea behind the album stylistically is that metal music doesn't have to fit one particular mold.  Every song is a different twist on rock.  “Permicide” is a thrashy Slayer-esque tune, “The Autumn Machine” and “Black” are in the vein of Euro-black metal.  “A Slow Decay” is an acoustic ballad.  “Skin” and “Ice” are slow, Type O Negative-type rock.  “Create” is a punk-meets-metal mix.  We primed it that way – it's a kind of “something for everyone” mentality.”

Paganini (vocals, bass and keys) is the emotional center of the group and its lead songwriter.  A distant relative for the mad genius Niccolo Paganini, Anthony manages to craft songs that are intense, passionate and command repeat listens without having sold his soul to the devil.  Paganini exclusively plays Woody Phifer bass.

Paganini is joined on vox by Alessio Campoli.  His intense screams add a dynamic to SILENT FATE that has put the band in the same league as - and earned them favorable comparisons to - Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying.

Initiating Lead guitarist Frank Guertin Jr. in the SILENT FATE fraternity was a no-brainer.  His former collaborations read like a Who's Who of hard rock legends.   Staring at age 15, Guertin was a student of Al Pitrelli (Alice Cooper, Megadeath) and his first band had its CD produced by members of Foreigner.

When not behind the drum kit for SILENT FATE, Danny Lamagna is an accomplished session musician with endorsements from DW Drums, Vater sticks and Sabian Cymbals.  If his name sounds familiar to some, it's because he can often be seen, and always heard, as a member of Brooklyn hard rockers Suicide City.

Rounding out SILENT FATE's quintet on rhythm guitar, Steve Squicciarini warmed up for his roll in the band by honing his craft with Shatterpoint and Desecration.  His finely tuned attention to detail and his keen musical ear were what drew him and Paganini together.

“The Autumn Machine was recorded as a kind of ‘F**K You!'”  says Paganini.  “Everyone has their own kiss-off tied to the record whether it is an ex-wife, an ex-bandmate, or a former friend.  This album was intended to show them.”   Two music videos for the songs, “Whisper My Sweet Dear” and “Come Undone” are expected later this fall.