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Album Releases

This Used To Hurt

The Logic Burning
HOME TOWN: Columbus, OH
Tyler Richardson - Vocalist
Trevor Orr - Bassist
Willie Finnegan - Drummist
Vic Yoli - Guitarist

Sighlo is a hard rock band formed in July of 2004 and based out of Columbus OH. Determined to be successful in the competitive music industry, Sighlo has taken a “grass roots” approach employing dedication, hard work, and endless promotion to cultivate a rapidly growing fan base throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas. Touring the region in support of their newly released album The Logic Burning LP, Sighlo has earned new fans and respect from venues and other bands each time they play.
This four piece group takes a bare-boned, unique approach to music. The band is fronted by Tyler Richardson, whose raw emotion reveals an extra dimension which many modern rock bands lack. Vic Yoli provides the raw guitar tone with his unique style, alternating with ease between melodic and menacing. The backbone of the band is reliant upon the technical yet seemingly effortless bass techniques of Trevor Orr, and the driving foundation from the drumming of Willie Finnegan.
One of their biggest achievements to date was becoming an altering influence on one of the top blues venues in the entire tri-state area. Before their scheduled show, Sighlo was nearly deferred by the promoter because of stylistic differences between the band and the venue owner. After last minute negotiations, the show went on without a hitch. In fact, the venue sold out to capacity, giving Blues Station their most profitable Wednesday night ever. Due to the band’s draw and crowd response, the Blues Station entrusted Sighlo with they’re own weekly event: Metal Mondays. Originally, the venue was open for business from Tuesday through Saturday.
Since the completion of their most recent recording in late September of 2004, The Logic Burning LP has already sold over 1,000 copies along with merchandise sales. Sighlo is determined to continue their extensive touring as well as focusing on playing more distant regions of the states, aiming to increase their fan base exponentially.
In their relentless pursuit to achieve national success, they have proven to the local music scene (including venue owners, bands, promoters, and most importantly the fans) that Sighlo has created not only distinguishing music, but also their own path to become one of the top selling bands in the nation. 
With no gimmicks at hand, Sighlo focuses on just being four musicians who play with raw emotion, and who are driven to take their music to the next level and beyond.