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Flight Of A Moth
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1. Storyboard
2. The Abscess
3. Pattern Of Life
4. Deep Scorn
5. The Circle Is Closed
6. Wrong Decision
7. Since The First Day
8. Flight Of A Moth
9. Lucid Dream
10. Same Blood 
**Bonus Track**
11. Arise (Sepultura Cover)


Now this is the kind of no holds barred pure aggressive fucking metal that extreme metalheads SHOULD be listening to! With Sweden and Norway taking up most of the focus overseas, and the American metal scene focusing on metalcore and deathcore, too many bands from many other countries tend to get way overlooked. And because of that, we end up missing out on kick ass bands like Ted Maul, Malefice, and the latest addition to that ass kicking roster, which is none other than France's Sideblast.

With a wicked mixture of death, black, and thrash metal influences and even a bit of electronic/industrial, Sideblast aren't playing into trends or pussyfooting around with their brand of extreme metal. There are no pig squeals, no chugging breakdowns, no sissified clean vocal passages, no stupid haircuts and no girl pants to be found...simply put, Sideblast aren't looking to jump on a bandwagon. Instead, they hopped right into the driver's seat and took off!

Throughout the course of the album, the industrial death vibe of 'Soul Of A New Machine' era Fear Factory comes in one minute, and shifts into the mechanical stylings of Meshuggah the next, but it never stays locked in one place for too long. The band just as easily take it into the realm of Symphonic black metal with random gravity blasting and the use of synths. And all within the same song, it can shift right into a modern death metal vibe with kick ass low end growling, layered demonic vocals, and trad 2/4 blasting. It might sound like a rather chaotic mess of musical styles, but the band are extremely good at what they do, it all falls seamlessly into place.

Another added bonus is the the crushing rendition of Sepultura's 'Arise'! Sure, an extreme metal band covering a classic Sepultura track is nothing new. Plenty of bands have done it, and there's even an entire tribute album out there. But unlike other bands who simply run through cover songs, Sideblast puts their own spin on things, taking the brutality to a whole new level.

From straight up crushing metallic groove to mind numbing grind, Sideblast have incorporated the sickest elements of all things extreme and have managed to put it all together to create a top notch slab of pure fuckin metal! 'Flight Of A Moth' is the definition of modern extreme.


If you want to know what it would sound like to throw Fear Factory, Machine Head, Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth into a blender, you need to take a listen to Sideblast. 'Flight Of A Moth' is one hell of a kick ass album that will have you headbanging like fuck and is likely to leave you with a sore, stiff neck as a result.

Specific categories be damned, 'Flight Of A Moth' is for fans of all things extreme. Period!

RATING: 9/11

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Flight Of A Moth