Seventh Seal
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HOME TOWN: Baltimore, MD
Nathan Heavel (bass
backing vocals)
Josh Clark (lead vocals
rhythm guitar)
Justin Gosnell (Guitar)
JoeBegly (lead guitar
backing vocals)
Jim Martin (drums) 

Seventh Seal, a band with a sound so ferocious and pounding, it standsapart from the norm, its lyrical messages of hope and positivitydovetailing beautifully with the music, providing a duality that israre in the heavy-metal genre. Their music is charting extremely wellon Internet and independent radio, with two songs, “Forsaken” and“Martyr,” reaching 1, ahead of such bands as Underoath, As I Lay Dying,Project 86, and P.O.D.

The members of Seventh Seal came together in 2002 to form Seventh Seal. They began writing materialthat would become the basis for the band’s 2003 debut album. JoeBegly (lead guitar, backing vocals) joined the band in the spring of2003 and Seventh Seal then set about recording its hard-rock/metalalbum in the fall, working with award-winning producer Travis Wyrick.

In 2005 the band took on a new musical direction, exploring the genre of metal and hard rock, and recording an EP.

Seventh Seal has become a touring force in the Mid-Atlantic States,drawing large crowds at major rock venues, including The RecherTheatre, Fletchers, Sonar, The House of Rock, The Thunderdome, Jaxx,Stingers and the Funk Box. The band also has enjoyed nationalattention, being featured in the magazines HM and Relevant, both inarticles and on compilation samplers.

As 2006 drew to a close, Seventh Seal added guitarist Justin Gosnell(Vestascension) to their line-up to further diversify their sound thusallowing lead singer Josh Clark more freedom to interact with theirfans during their shows. The new line-up has been performing to ravereviews. The band, now a five-piece, is busily promoting the release oftheir National Debut available now.