Set Fire To Athens
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Set Fire To Athens
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1. Intro
2. Ramp Noir
3. Paragon
4. A Moment To Regroup
5. Breathing Existance
6. Canvas
7. Mirror
8. A Starlit Letter
9. Novacaine
10. Written Like A Telegram
11. Falling For Tragedy


The intro to this album is rather interesting. It sounds like a murder, kidnap, or something to that effect is either taking place, or about to take place as a girl is pleading to her attacker/imprisoner as to why they're doing what they're doing, and she eventually screams as the music kicks in. Weird.

Once the music kicks in, what you get is a mixture of deathcore and metalcore. Yes, that sounds almost impossible, as deathcore is nothing more than a heavier version of latter. But there's really no other way to describe what Set Fire To Athens does. There's too much use of melody and clean vocal singing and screaming for it to fall strictly under the deathcore banner, yet they use too much of the guttural death growling to fall strictly under the metalcore banner. So this would probably be classified as Deathmetalcore?

Whatever. Categories be damned. This is simply really damn good is what it is. Technically proficient, melodic and aggressive all at the same time. Set Fire To Athens intelligently incorporates and fuses select styles to make for an extremely kick ass album. Awkward time signatures, 808 drops, and some wicked grooves are all present as well. The insrumental tracks 'A Moment To Regroup' and 'A Starlit Letter' take things back a few years, back to when Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall were both at the top of their game and every album had one or two random short instrumentals interspersed between select songs.

A lot has changed since then, and both bands have fallen off considerably. Fortunately, new blood like Set Fire To Athens and their peers are what will keep Metal moving along in the right direction instead of the wrong one.


This self-titled release simply kicks ass. Set Fire To Athens has put together one hell of an album, and unlike labelmates And Hell Followed With, the production isn't lacking as much with this release. Could have been the producer, maybe not. Whatever the case, this album has a substantially better production and is just more enjoyable to listen to.

Set Fire To Athens is definitely for fans of older Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, as well as It Dies Today, Hell Within, The Autumn Offering, etc.

RATING: 8/11

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Set Fire To Athens