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The Undercurrent

Irradiant (Deluxe Edition)

Soilwork Drummer Discusses New Album, Future Of Scarve
June 8, 2007
Drummer Dirk Verbeuren of the French metal band Scarve has issued another, lengthier statement addressing the band's future following the recent departure of vocalist Pierrick Valence. It reads as follows:

"Let's begin with Scarve... Our latest album 'The Undercurrent' has received an excellent response from press and fans alike, proving that despite some recent lineup changes, we're still very much alive and kicking! As a matter of fact, Scarve will be performing at the Hellfest and Graspop festivals later this month. Find out more on our brand new official webpage, courtesy of mastermind Dan McCaulley.

"Now on to the new Soilwork record which is in the process of being mixed. The rough versions I've heard so far sound extremely enticing, to say the least! This album is going to have a very natural, warm, yet powerful production, and that counts for the drums too. As for Speed's vocals, they will make you crap your diapers! I honestly can't wait till this monster is done. Meanwhile, don't miss our upcoming festival appearances at Hard Rock Laager and Ilosaari Rock. All details are on the official Soilwork website.

"You know I love to blast, and I know you love that shit too! So better make sure to catch "Inventory of Fixtures", the new Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition album which is out now on Bizarre Leprous Productions. There's also a vinyl version limited to 500 copies which can be ordered from EveryDayHate Records. This record will grind you to the bone!

"To end this update with some less relevant news, I'll take a moment to clarify a few things in regards to ex-Scarve vocalist Pierrick Valence's most recent declarations. First off, I fully contributed to the writing of 'The Undercurrent'. Pierrick's statement regarding my involvement in the making of this album is completely untrue; then again, his total absence at our rehearsals probably explains his ignorance. In an attempt to slander me, Pierrick made another false statement about my abruptly and carelessly leaving my band and my country. The fact is, I'm still an official Scarve member, and I left my native Belgium in 1988. I moved from France last year because I got married; no other reason. Despite the consequences of this personal choice, which transcend far more than Scarve, I'm still very involved in and enthusiastic about the band I co-formed in 1993.

"Pierrick's one-sided attitude comes as no surprise. Once this was an issue SCARVE handled behind closed doors; now it's out in the open. As his first serious band, we've supported Pierrick for seven years, yet he still feels the need to slander us, hence our relief about his departure.

"Should anyone question my passionate devotion to the underground scene, please feel free to explore the discography and media sections of [my] site and check out some of the bands I've been working with!

"As for the requested goodbye: adieu Pierrick."

As previously reported, Valence left Scarve to focus on his other band Phazm.

In an interview with Hard Rock magazine published this past winter, Pierrick indicated that Phazm became his priority when Scarve faced various obstacles over the course of the past couple of years, including other vocalist Guillaume Bideau's departure for Mnemic and drummer Dirk Verbeuren's commitment to Soilwork.

Scarve will reportedly recruit only one singer to replace both Valence and Bideau (as former Darkane singer Lawrence Mackrory did on the song "Rebirth", on Scarve's latest CD, 'The Undercurrent').

Released in April through Listenable Records, 'The Undercurrent' was recorded in part at the Dug-Out facility in Uppsala, Sweden with renowned Swedish producer Daniel Bergstrand, whose previous credits include Meshuggah, In Flames, Strapping Young Lad and Stuck Mojo.
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Scarve Post New Song Online
February 4, 2007
French masters of modern dissonant thrash Scarve have posted a new song, entitled "Endangered", on their MySpace page. The track comes off of the band's upcoming album, 'The Undercurrent', which will be released this April through Listenable Records.

The follow-up to the group's critically acclaimed 'Irradiant' album (2004), 'The Undercurrent' was recorded in part at the Dug-Out facility in Uppsala, Sweden with renowned Swedish producer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Strapping Young Lad, Stuck Mojo).

Scarve has yet to announce a permanent replacement for singer Guillaume Bideau who left the group in May to join the Danish 'futuristic fusion' metallers Mnemic. The vocals on 'The Undercurrent' were handled by former Darkane singer Lawrence Mackrory.

'The Undercurrent' track listing:

01. Endangered
02. Imperceptible Armageddon
03. Senseless
04. The Plundered
05. Assuming Self
06. Fathomless Descent
07. A Few Scraps Of Memories
08. Rebirth
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HOME TOWN: Nancy, France
Pierrick Valence : Screams
Patrick Martin : Rhythm Guitars
Sylvain Coudret : Rhythm & Lead guitars
Loïc Colin : Bass
Dirk Verbeuren : Drums

Upon forming in October 1993, French deathsters Scarve birthed an intricate, dark and brutal brand of extremity. After releasing a demo, an MCD and debut album 'Translucence', the six-piece signed a worldwide deal with Listenable Records in 2001.

Resulting sophomore effort 'Luminiferous' took Scarve's very own futuristic sound to new heights, allowing the band to embark on a series of festivals and shows throughout Europe, including a tour with Nile. But it was the critically acclaimed 2004 audio missile 'Irradiant' that really stuck Scarve ’s flag in the metal map, earning them a spot on world famous festivals such as Graspop, Tuska Open Air and Wâldrock.

Swedish masterminds Meshuggah even handpicked the band as the only support act on their European trek. Now these purveyors of modern brutality are back with 'The Undercurrent'! Erupting track after unique track of ferocious, weaving, blastbeat-fueled madness, this mind-blowing slab of modern death metal sees Scarve explore their art to the max.

Armed with an explosive sound courtesy of longtime producer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Soilwork) and stunning vocals by Lawrence Mackrory (remember Darkane’s “Rusted Angel”), there is simply no way of avoiding the technical whirlwind that is 'The Undercurrent'.