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Album Releases

This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart

Cult Classic

Something To Lust About
HOME TOWN: Richmond, VA
Brandon Roundtree (vocals)
Randy Vanderbilt (guitar/vocals)
Bryan Tolbert (guitar)
Andreas Magnusson (drums/electronics)

Upon its most certain deathbed, SCARLET has once more chosen life... An angry heart beat is revived…a breath of reanimating air graces sleeping lungs, waking a voice that has laid dormant for almost 2 years…and ferocious eyes shoot open…alive with a purpose…and a story of progression through hard times... Through member shift, multiple theft, and mayhem, SCARLET has managed to keep their aural bloodline pure and strong. Building a history of walking away from calamity unscathed time after time, and leaving the masses wondering how this is possible. "This was always meant to fall apart" serves as a tangible relic commemorating this history. The fact that the new record is led by a new voice further reiterates a sense of tribute to a troubled past, while also serving as chapter one in a new testament. This is a reincarnation of SCARLET, and one that has not forgotten the knowledge of its former lives. This is an iron vein injected with new blood. "This was always meant to fall apart" was not only recorded in the confines of studio walls, but entirely composed there as well. The result is a collection of 12 epic sonatas complete with the classic chaotic screaming style and the addition of a newer, pushed forward singing style. In 37 minutes it becomes clear that SCARLET is a whole new monster, demonstrating that within new blood, there are new tricks.