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The Dreams Manifest
And The Sleeper Awakes

Saying Goodbye To Say Yes To Flavor
April 25, 2010
Our buddy Jonathan Carpenter, mastermind behind the stellar one man project Say Yes To Flavor - who's self released debut full length album 'The Dreams Manifest and the Sleeper Awakes' received a positive review from yours truly - has issued the following statement about his decision to put his project to rest and what he has lined up for the future:

"SYTF started out as me messing around with a drum machine, wanting to make some tunes on my own. From the 07' demo to this past album that I worked really hard's been primarily for fun. However... after hearing a lot of positive reception for the album and it's material, but not so much my band name and what it gives a vibe of - I really think I should turn the page and start off fresh with something that I can try and get somewhere. Thanks so much for all the support you've given my little side project!

"Good news is that with one thing ending, a completely new and upgraded thing is about to happen. New name, new album, new lineup. As of now, I'm working with a drummer to start learning the material I've written so far for the next release. No other member changes than that so far.

"The new name is "Cortica", and the upcoming album 'Autonomous' will be quite a challenging(will be totally worth it) freshmen release. Not only will the album's lyrics/song titles/artwork be conceptual and clearly tied together, but musically- it will match as it goes along as well. No more predictable breakdowns, and no more overdubbed vocals constantly. The new stuff I can assure you is a huge step in a new and exciting direction, leaning towards progressive influences like Dream Theater, Opeth, BTBAM.

Here's the [tentative] track listing:
1. Dreaming Schematics
2. The Anatomy Anomalies
3. Autonomous
4. Linear Synaptic Relapse
5. Dlstrayuf
6. Neuroprosthetic Failure

The album chronicles a scientist's ambitious idea - to map out and control a neural network between a human's imagination and peripheral senses. The material is really interesting and I promise that the presentation will be engaging yet informative.
I look forward to moving forward with this project and I am excited to see what everyone thinks of the new stuff! I'll be posting some demo tracks very soon. - Jonathan

For more information and to check out a few tracks from Say Yes To Flavor, head on over to and get into it!! Also be sure to pick up a copy of Say Yes To Flavor's debut full length, 'The Dreams Manifest and the Sleeper Awakes', which can still be purchased at this location.
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HOME TOWN: Indianapolis, IN
Jonathan Carpenter does:
Drum Manipulation

To Buy Say Yes To Flavor's Debut Full Lenght Album 'The Dreams Manifest And The Sleeper Awakes', head on over to Big Cartel