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Rusty Eye Launches Innovative Video Performance Site
November 9, 2009
Progressive, horror rock stalwarts Rusty Eye have upped the ante of innovation once again creating the ultimate viral video site where the viewer can follow multi-camera angles of each band member separately performing each track off their highly acclaimed new album 'Possessor', so head over now to to check it out. This state-of-the-art website is an accomplishment that has yet to be tackled in such capacity and Rusty Eye are paving a new path for viral marketing with this ambitious, new endeavor.

Born out of a love for classic heavy metal and old-school Italian horror, Mexico’s Rusty Eye have effectively bridged a gap between the two genres that no band has yet to accomplish. Their unique brand of extreme “shock rock” has been perfected on the group’s highly acclaimed new release, 'Possessor', that proves that Rusty Eye is carving out their own unique niche within the metal scene and is certainly a must listen for any fans ranging from Iron Maiden to Testament. The band has performed with a diverse list of genre titans ranging from Moonspell and Katatonia to Doro and Steel Panther. Be sure to visit to stream new material from 'Possessor' and to view all upcoming touring activity.

After a decade of aggression throughout the underground metal scene this dynamic beast, led by sole original member Mr. Rust (bass & vocals), has rapidly evolved and has now come full circle. After years of being part of the tumultuous Mexican music scene, Rusty Eye relocated to Hollywood, CA in the fall of 2004, having new member Miss Randall in charge of drums & 2nd lead vocals. The group is now rounded out by Baron Murtland (guitars) who storms out of the gate with a barrage of blistering, frenetic and catchy riffs that captivate the mind, body and soul.

, released Summer 2009, features such world renowned guests: Claudio Simonetti (Goblin), Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc./Voodoocult), and Alex Mitchell (Circus of Power), as well as the iconic artwork by illustrator Joe Petagno (Motorhead). Rusty Eye's progression throughout the years has been moving strategically and prolifically forward, creating an interesting cult following.
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HOME TOWN: Mexico City, Mexico
Mr. Rust - Bass/Vocals
Miss Randall - Drums/Vocals
Baron Murtland - Guitar

Rusty Eye is one of those bands characterized with the ability to persevere through time, and their aim from the outset was to summon a cohesive and original style of Heavy Metal; their most recent album ‘Possessor’ being a remarkable testament to this vow. The trio from Hollywood, CA is comprised by bassist vocalist (founding member) Mr. Rust, singing drummer Miss Randall, and guitarist Baron Murtland; their story goes back as far as 1995, amid the vast cultural melting-pot that is Mexico City.

Even in the early days, Rusty Eye always triggered a “You have to see this!” reaction; their DIY-assembled tapes being traded via word-of-mouth. Five years later they unleashed their debut ‘Rust and Roll’ and hammered the Mexican Metal scene in the album’s support. Once again things would shift in 2003 as drummer ‘Miss Randall’ joined as a permanent creative force, bringing with her considerable vocal and recording skills (worth-mentioning is that 4 years after picking up the sticks, she would be World’s Fastest Drummer finalist, feet scoring 728 hits in 60 seconds). This personnel change ushered the band’s decision of relocating to Hollywood, CA by the end of 2004.

Now in Hollywood, a period of creative output took place having three independent releases via their own DIY Epoché Records: ‘Cryogenic' (2005), ‘Live at the Joint MMVI’ and ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ (both in 2006, having Baron Murtland as guitarist). The latter spawned their first serious dip into the market of big-budget video production in 2007 as its single ‘Mr. Cannibal’ – ‘Best Metal Single’ LA Music Awards  – grabbed the attention of horror director Alejandro Ordóñez during an electrifying live performance at the Whisky a Go Go. He later directed/sponsored the music video which depicts the morbidly captivating journey into the realms of Grindhouse 16 mm. moviedom.

After years of bombarding Los Angeles live, Rusty Eye opted to retreat from the public to produce a new offering with the benefit this time of a higher independent budget. The ever-present horror influence was made more evident in ‘Possessor’ remarkably engineered by Jeremy Blair (Guns N’ Roses/Fear Factory) at Temple Studios in Chatsworth, CA and produced/co-engineered by Miss Randall. The album also features renowned guests: Italian film composer “Claudio Simonetti” (Goblin), guitarist and producer “Waldemar Sorychta” (Grip Inc.), vocalist “Alex Mitchell” (Circus of Power), and the cover artwork of Joe Petagno (Motörhead).

An accomplishment in its own is their state-of-the-art website designed by Mr. Rust which reinforces ‘Possessor’ as its viewers can follow a slew of multi-camera live performances to each song.

The initial responses to the album have been astounding and it’s clear that the band’s unique ability to bridge several genres is creating significant interest Worldwide.
--by Mark Eglinton