Roses Are Red
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Vincent Minervino (vocals)
Brian Gordner (guitar)
Matthew Gordner (guitar)
Kevin Mahoney (bass)
Michael Lasaponara (drums)

Roses Are Red formed in the summer of 2002 from the ashes of numerous other bands around the Western, NY area. "We had been friends for a long time before this band ever started," explains guitarist Matthew Gordner. "Our bands used to always play together, and we just knew each other that way. Eventually our bands just sort of dissolved, with members moving away, getting married, or losing interest. We kind of realized that we all were the driving forces of our respective bands. It just made so much sense to come together when we did." Roses Are Red's music is a bittersweet mixture of beauty and power, described by as "a complex take on melodic rock" with lyrics described as "intelligent" by Alternative Press Magazine. Just 2 months after forming, the band recorded a 4-song demo and hit the road for weekend tours throughout the fall and winter of 2002. Their first full-length, Handshakes And Heartbreaks, was released in June of 2003. They immediately loaded up the van again to bring it to the world, touring the entire United States in July and August of 2003 under their own steam. "Nothing is better than driving around the country, visiting a different city every night, meeting amazing people who connect to your music - all in the company of your best friends in the world," explains Gordner. When asked about the live show, vocalist Vincent Minervino was eager to comment. "We are definitely a live band," says Minervino. "We don't ever let people get comfortable at our shows. We want people to be on their toes, not knowing what to expect, but also having a great time." "We're all huge fans of bands of bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Iron Maiden. Their shows were amazing - sent chills up and down your spine," Minervino explains, "And we have tons of respect for those bands and how they really gave the crowd a show, in every way possible. We try to do the same thing." Roses Are Red's live performance, graceful yet explosive, has allowed their music to strike the hearts of fans of every genre under the rock umbrella. The band has shared the stage with everyone from Norma Jean and Evergreen Terrace to Story Of The Year and Hey Mercedes, rocking with unbridled energy and emotion, night after night. By the fall of 2003, the band had generated quite a buzz within the indie scene. In August of 2003, the band was named "The Next Big Thing" by, and label interest soon followed. "We really wanted to take our time and find a home that we would be comfortable with for a long time," explains Minervino. "We wanted a label who would match our work ethic and believe in us. I know we found just that." In the spring of 2004, Roses Are Red signed with Trustkill Records. Welcome to the beginning...