Rifles At Recess
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Album Releases

Whisper In Tongues
Robby (vocals)
Chris (guitar)
Chad (guitar)
Michael (bass)
Andrew (drums)

RIFLES AT RECESS reside in the state of Tennessee, which is known best for its whiskey, but now RIFLES AT RECESS have surfaced and are ready to change that. Their demo, The Art Of Flying Without Sky, only hinted at what RIFLES AT RECESS were capable of unleashing. To Whisper In Tongues is ten tracks of thrash metal with hardcore influence. Sure, itís quick and up tempo (reference 80ís thrash bands, Kreator and Vio-lence) with plenty of machine gun double bass, but they also bring with them dance parts for all the kids who donít know what a circle pit is. Just as Prayer For Cleansing were able to successfully combine melodic Swedish death metal and dance floor hardcore, RIFLES AT RECESS are surely going to be able to fill the void that opened when PFC decided to call it a day. With the buzz already circulating since we announced their joining the ranks of Tribunal Records, RIFLES AT RECESS have been playing to packed audiences where ever they can. A summer tour is currently being planned, so be ready to pick your teeth up off the floor if dare to witness this awesome spectacle first hand. If you are into bands such as Undying, Prayer For Cleansing, Caliban and Unearth, RIFLES AT RECESS are a must for your collection.