2012-04-24 7 Horns 7 Eyes Throes of Absolution
2011-10-24 Pathology Awaken To The Suffering
2011-09-29 Machine Head Unto The Locust
2011-08-02 Bury Your Dead Mosh N Roll
2011-05-25 For The Fallen Dreams Back Burner
2011-03-20 Most Precious Blood Do Not Resuscitate
2011-01-18 X Pistols Shoot To Kill
2010-06-12 Journal Unlorja
2010-10-26 (Hed)pe Truth Rising
2010-10-19 [[VARIOUS ARTISTS]] Until The Light Takes Us
2010-09-20 Your Demise The Kids We Used To Be
2010-07-27 Iron Thrones The Wretched Sun
2010-07-12 The Eyes Of A Traitor Breathless
2010-06-08 Leng Tche Hypomanic
2010-04-06 Upon A Burning Body The World Is Ours
2010-04-20 Periphery Periphery
2010-04-14 Blestenation MBugout City
2010-02-23 Suffokate No Mercy No Forgiveness
2010-00-00 The Roman Holiday The Demonization
2009-11-00 Say Yes To Flavor The Dreams Manifest
And The Sleeper Awakes

2009-11-10 Throwdown Deathless
2009-09-25 The Contortionist Apparition
2009-07-21 Hands Creator
2009-00-00 DevilDriver Pray For Villains
2009-07-28 Mower Make It A Double
2009-02-17 Conducting From The Grave When Legends Become Dust
2009-06-09 Molotov Solution The Harbinger
2009-06-09 For Today Portraits
2009-05-12 Narrows New Distances
2009-06-02 Eyes Set To Kill The World Outside
2009-03-03 A Plea For Purging Depravity
2009-05-19 Afgrund Vid Helvetets Grindar
2009-04-14 Earth From Above Numbered With The Transgressors
2009-04-14 Earth From Above Numbered With The Transgressors
2009-05-04 Big B American Underdog
2007-07-17 (Hed)pe Insomnia
2009-01-27 Whisteria Cottage Heathen
2008-01-20 Abacabb Survivalist
2008-10-00 Chiraw Dark Frequencies
2008-10-01 Down-Stares Cobras And Matadors
2008-12-09 And Hell Followed With Domain
2008-12-09 Set Fire To Athens Set Fire To Athens
2008-09-30 Textures Silhouettes
2008-10-28 Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery
2008-12-09 Bullet For My Valentine Scream Aim Fire: Deluxe Edition
2008-09-16 Avenged Sevenfold Live In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough
2008-09-12 Metallica Death Magnetic
2008-00-00 Sideblast Flight Of A Moth
2008-03-00 God Size Hate Again We Bleed
2008-08-26 Slipknot All Hope Is Gone