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Album Releases

Return To Me
Jason Farrell (vocals/guitar)
Jim Kimball (bass)
Joe Gorelick (drums)

Eventually most things break up, break down, or break apart: machines, bones, bands, guitars, sticks, strings, cars... Sometimes it’s smashingly fun (say... with a t.v.), sometimes it crushingly isn’t (a relationship). RETISONIC makes no such distinctions. They have taken all those pieces, their past bands and influences, everything they’ve seen, heard or done, and glued them back together as verses and choruses. The result is more than the sum of its parts, and more than powerful, catchy songs... the result is a stellar first album entitled RETURN TO ME. RETISONIC is Jason Farrell (Bluetip, Swiz), Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety), and Jim Kimball (J.Majesty). Together they share a diverse set of influences (The Damned, Cheap Trick, Queens of the Stone Age, Gary Numan, The Police, Minor Threat...) and write songs that keep up the intensity of their previous bands with an added emphasis on melody and harmony. Their six-song debut e.p. LEAN BEAT was released world-wide in the fall of 2002 through the efforts of Silverthree Sound Recordings (U.S.), Moderncity Records (Europe), and Inherited Alliance (Japan). Produced by J. Robbins (Jimmy Eat World, Jets to Brazil, Burning Airlines), it showcased RETISONIC’s sound and style to rave reviews; NME, Alternative Press, and Rock Sound each gave 8 out of 10 stars while KERRANG!!! gave 5 out of 5 K’s, calling LEAN BEAT “a classic.” Since LEAN BEAT’s release, RETISONIC have toured Europe and criss-crossed the states, including dates with Nada Surf, Fugazi, and a full U.S. tour as direct support for Jets to Brazil. College and specialty radio quickly picked up on the band as stations across the U.S. started spinning their songs. In December, FMQB chose RETISONIC as a top 10 editor’s pick for 2003 specialty radio. Between tours the band continued to write, honing songs for their full-length. At the end of 2003, RETISONIC headed into the studio with producer Ian Love (Cardia, Rival Schools) to document their past and present, and to create RETURN TO ME. The album does more than take over where LEAN BEAT left off... it makes a huge leap forward. Catchy hooks and choruses that won’t let you stand still... drum beats that border on manic… guitar riffs that leave you wanting more… and vocal melodies that stick. Their combination of new wave, punk, hardcore and rock is both powerful and melodic; aggressive yet beautiful. RETISONIC has once again joined up with Silverthree Sound Recordings to bring the new CD to the masses, while Moderncity Records will release a special 12” vinyl version of the album. This is the time for you to experience RETISONIC, to see them while they are touring the US, Europe and Japan, to hear them on the radio, to read about them in your favorite magazine.