Razor Crusade
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Infinite Water
Bannon's Crusade
July 17, 2004
Razor Crusade has signed a North American deal with Jacob Bannon's (of Converge) label Deathwish Inc. The "progressive hardcore" act from The Netherlands will release their new album Infinite Water through the label on October 26th. You can download the track "The Low Spark" from the new album here.
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HOME TOWN: The Netherlands
Ivo (vocals)
Dax (guitar)
Michiel (guitar)
Sjarm13 (bass)
Mark (drums)

Razor Crusade is a hardcore outfit from The Netherlands. INFINITE WATER is their debut full length, released on Reflections Records, and follow up to the critically acclaimed EP 'Are you wired?'. Also, INFINITE WATER is introducing the new singer Ivo.To say Razor Crusade picked up fast would be an understatement. Within the first 10 months of the band's existence they played over 55 shows, did a full European tour and toured the UK twice in three months. ´Are you wired?´ got amazing reviews in all major press and they drew a bigger crowd with each show. And then their singer quit…."Sebastian quitting was a hard pill to swallow, and most bands would have a hard time recovering, after all, the singer is mostly the face of the band and hard to replace," says guitarist Michiel, "but we all immediately knew that we were not going to let that stop us, or even set us back in any way. We were determined to find a replacement fast, and still make it for the scheduled recordings of the album. Right away we decided to up the ante. For the songs we had written, we decided we definitely wanted a singer who, besides being a good screamer, also had a good singing voice" And that person was found in Ivo Janssen, formerly known of the punk rock band Against Time, which coincidentally broke up at the same time.“INFINITE WATER was written for the bigger part before Ivo joined, so any changes in sound the listener might notice was the direction we were already heading in, but the fact Ivo has a great singing voice meant we could go all out on this record and do whatever the hell we wanted, which is why we started this band in the first place.” says bass player Harm. “Apart from the singing, not much else has changed, Into Another, Quicksand and Snapcase are still our most important influences.” he adds. Apart from the more hardcore oriented bands Harm names, it's hard to deny ´INFINITE WATER´ has a lot more going on. Upon the first listen you stumble upon influences ranging from Belgium indy pop to tight metal riffing not unlike Helmet. “There's so many references and small tributes to stuff we grew up on, to give you a full list of bands that inspired INFINITE WATER would take an entire afternoon” says guitarist Emiel jokingly, “as a band we don't wanna be tied to any formula or specific style. We have done that in the past and now we feel it's more important to just play the music that the five of us have in us. We want to be able to do whatever with this band, if we wanna do a slow song we'll do a slow song and if we wanna rock out we'll do just that." And he couldn't be more right.So what's up with that title? Have the band gone hippie as they were accused of by some of their friends upon announcing the title? No, thank god not. “Infinite Water is a direct reference to The Netherlands, where we obviously come from. You should know Holland is for over 50% below sea level, and there's water literally everywhere. The music and the lyrics on this album are all directly inspired the surroundings we grew up in, and even though they're both not really positive or uplifting, it's in a way a tribute to the place where we came from, and how it played it's part in becoming the persons we are now.” says Ivo. “And of course, there's millions of bands everywhere trying to sound and look American, we thought it was cool to go like ‘We're Razor Crusade, this is where we come from and this is what it looks like over here.'" adds Harm.