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HOME TOWN: Zeebrugge, H8000, Belgium
Bart - Vocals
Lazar - Guitar
Chris - Guitar
Jerre - Bass
Nick - Drums

RAFFLESIA, named after Gighandi’s 1993 masterpiece release, was formed in the spring of 2005 at Belgian coastal town Zeebrugge. The band plays a furious combination of hardcore and metalcore, melody and mosh, thrash and metal. RAFFLESIA can easily be considered one of the biggest talents to come out of Europe ever since HEAVEN SHALL BURN started to play out!

Their music is influenced by their hero bands LIAR, CALIBAN, MORDA, FEAR MY THOUGHTS, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, etc. A solid formation was created after the band finally found the right people to enforce the RAFFLESIA machine. 5 friends combining their passion for metal, 5 friends on- and off-stage, contributing their ideas on the metalcore concept in the music band RAFFLESIA. After playing some cool shows and big events as the Heist “Fallout fest”, the band decided to record their first songs and release them as a MCD. Soon afterwards the “Genet” team who is always out for new talent to join its ranks, saw the band live and started to talk about a possible cooperation. The result is a fine 5 track MCD that clearly illustrates the band’s talent to write hard ass killer songs full of energy and power. Harsh and raw metalcore the way it is meant to be, showing the band’s potential to write even better kick-ass songs in future!