Puritys Failure
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Album Releases

Mike (vocals)
Joe (guitars)
Nate (bass)
Sean (drums)

Purity’s Failure is a four-piece rock band from Boston Massachusetts. They formed in 1994 and have retained their original lineup to this day. In 1999 a three song demo was recorded which finally captured to some degree of satisfaction a sound the band found engaging and interesting. Entitled “Standing Outside a Wave Function” the demo embodies an early and perhaps apprehensive attempt to do just that; to stand apart from the formulaic and scene-oriented hallmarks of underground music. The band continued to play numerous shows in the Boston area and other parts of the northeast. In late 2000 the band trekked up to Canada to play Goodfellow Records’ “Rocktoberfest”. The band enjoyed the show as well as the company of Chris Logan, head of Goodfellow, and began working with the label In 2001 the full length “Deconstruction: Songs of Innocence and Experience” was released on Goodfellow Records. The songs on the record encompass a lengthy and developmental period of the band’s existence. Three songs of the “Wave Function” demo were rerecorded, as well as the songs that had been written in the two years since. The band toured in support of “Deconstruction” for much of 2002, playing several east coast dates with Daughters, Examination of the…, and labelmates Bloodjinn. To attend one of Purity’s Failure’s live performances is to witness an intense and genuine musical outpouring; and to see four friends doing what they love to do. The stripped down instrumentation is a critical component of the band’s sound. The absence of a second guitarist has resulted in the use of multiple amplifiers onstage as well as a more pronounced interaction between the band members, and creates a sound that is deceivingly more powerful and complex than appearance would suggest. Since the release of Deconstruction the group continued to develop, expounding the small ideas that made the most recent recordings so exciting into a sound that strives to be sonically and structurally unique. In the spring of 2003 purity’s failure entered New Alliance Studio in Boston to begin recording a new EP with Andrew Schneider. The sessions were some of the greatest experiences the band has ever enjoyed. The understanding and enthusiasm of Andrew Schneider helped to realize the potential of the new songs, and the resulting recording is without question the band’s greatest achievement to this point. The Extensions EP will be available on Goodfellow Records late 2004/early 2005.