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Destroy What You Enjoy


Tonight The Stars Revolt
Powerman 5000 Streaming New Album In It's Entirety
October 6, 2009
Cyber rockers Powerman 5000’s new album, 'Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere', is finally hitting stores this week. The collection finds the band returning to the hard groove of their earlier work which included hits like “When Worlds Collide” and “Nobody’s Real.”

“We made this record with a clear vision and a purpose,” explains frontman, Spider. “We wanted to reclaim a sound we created and represent certain influences as only a band like Powerman 5000 can.

While writing, we would watch ‘Godzilla’ or ‘Ultraman’ films to ensure the sonics were on point. We knew that this record needed to sound like the footsteps of a giant robot!”
"On the surface, this album is a big fun electro metal romp...though there are bigger concepts hidden within. A quote from HG Wells sums it up best, he said, ‘Man is the unnatural animal, the rebel child of nature.’ That is an ongoing theme in the songs, our inability to find a place in our own world. I couldn't be happier with the results. I finally feel like we have made a record that not only is exactly what we wanted it to be, but also a record that the fans are going to love!"

The band has released 2 singles from the new album so far, “Super Villain” and “V Is For Vampire,” and recently filmed a video for the latter with horror film director Robert Hall.

Check out 'Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere', in its entirety, below and pick up your copy here.
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Soundscan Report For The Week Ending August 6th
August 10, 2006
The following are notable heavy metal/hard rock U.S. sales debuts for the week ending August 6, 2006, as reported by Nielsen SoundScan (all figures are rounded to the nearest thousand, except numbers under 1,000, which are rounded to the nearest hundred; The Billboard 200 chart position included, where applicable):

Stone Sour 'Come What(ever) May' : 81,000 (#4)
Powerman 5000 'Destroy What You Enjoy' : 7,000 (#121)
Body Count 'Murder 4 Hire' : 700
Michael Schenker Group 'Tales of Rock 'n' Roll' : 300
Dissection 'Rebirth of Dissection' DVD: 100
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Powerman 5000: Entire New CD Available For Streaming
August 1, 2006
AOL is hosting a full CD "Listening Party" (in streaming form) to celebrate today's release of Powerman 5000's 'Destroy What You Enjoy' (DRT Entertainment). Check it out at this location.

Powerman 5000's video for their new single, "Wild World", has been posted online at this location. "Shot in a Los Angeles crack house with director Jeff Stewart, the clip is the ultimate anti-'Cribs' statement," according to a posting on the group's web site. "Throw in a couple of hookers and some random acts of violence and a masterpiece is born."

'Destroy What You Enjoy' was produced by Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack), who also co-produced Powerman 5000's major label debut, 'Mega!! Kung Fu Radio', and was recorded at the Hobby Shop in Eagle Rock, CA. The album was mixed by Dave Schiffman (Audioslave, Johnny Cash, System Of A Down).
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Powerman 5000 To Release New Album
May 31, 2006
DRT recording artist Powerman 5000 will release their much anticipated new album, Destroy What You Enjoy, on August 1.

With a new label and a new line up, Destroy What You Enjoy promises to be the most exciting PM5K release to date. The album was produced by Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack), who also co-produced the bands major label debut, Mega!! Kung Fu Radio, and was recorded at the Hobby Shop in Eagle Rock, CA. The album was mixed by Dave Schiffman (Audioslave, Johnny Cash, System of a Down).

Destroy What You Enjoy resonates with a crunch that brings the band back to their indie roots. Some of the albums stand-out tracks include the anthemic first single, Wild World, as well as the trash-punk inspired Return To The City Of The Dead, and "Enemies. The sound that you hear on 'Destroy What You Enjoy', is the sound of a real rock 'n roll band, comments vocalist Spider. The drums aren't perfect, the guitars feedback and the vocals don't always find the right note. In other words, it's the best record we've ever made.

Powerman 5000s line up has also evolved to match their new albums sound with the addition of guitarists Terry Corso and Johnny Heatley to the rhythm section of drummer Adrian Ost, bassist Siggy Siursen.

Listen for Wild World to hit radio June 19, followed by a national tour beginning July 7.
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Spider - vocals
Johnny Heatley - guitar
Terry Corso - guitar
Siggy - bass
Adrian Ost - drums

The original incarnation of POWERMAN 5000 took shape in Boston Massachusetts, where the group racked up a multitude of local gigs and produced two independent CD releases, 1994's True Force and 95's The Blood Splat Rating System. An unrivaled work ethic and growing legion of fans helped secure the band's dominance in the Boston rock scene, as well as creating a must-have commodity for many major labels.

1997 was a big year for Spider and company; it saw them sign with DreamWorks Records, relocate to Los Angeles and release their major label debut, Mega!! Kung Fu Radio. A year of touring with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Korn and Ozzfest followed, giving them national exposure and further strengthening the bands fan base. Their follow up, 1999's Tonight The Stars Revolt!, featuring the hits 'When Worlds Collide' and "Nobody's Real" went on to sell more than a million copies . 'Tonight The Stars Revolt! changed everything.' Spider recalls. 'suddenly we went from being this weird little underground band to having our faces on MTV and our songs played nationwide.'

Anyone For Doomsday', the band's third outing for Dreamworks, was recorded in 2001 and was shelved just weeks prior to release. 'From a creative standpoint, the record didn't feel ready,' explains Spider of his choice to put the brakes on the album's release. When the dust settled, Powerman emerged with a new line-up and a new album. 2003's Transform stripped away a lot of the band's electronic elements and delivered on a much more punk rock, Clash-inspired sound. The album launched Powerman back onto the charts, debuting at number 25 on Billboard Top 200 and spawning the Top 10 Rock hit 'Free'. All the pieces seemed to be falling into place for PM5K until their longtime label, DreamWorks, was essentially dissolved midway through the Transform campaign.

Spider, by now the only remaining original member of the band reflects, ' This was a tough time but I knew it wasn't over. In fact, this was an opportunity to do it all over again, to tap into that undeniable reckless energy that only a new band has.' Not soon after this revelation guitarists Johnny Heatley and Terry Corso joined remaining Transform-era rhythm section Siggy Sjursen and Adrian Ost. A year long trek of back-to-basics rock shows followed. With this brash, new electrifying live band in tow the question still remained, could this line-up now write a great album'

One listen to the latest offering, Destroy What You Enjoy, and the question is answered. From the T Rex meets Sex Pistols stomp of title track 'Destroy What You Enjoy' to the pure thrashed out fun of 'Now That's Rock 'n Roll' to the unapologetic pop hooks of 'Wild World' and 'Murder', the answer is a resounding YES! Powerman 5000 has reinvented and revitalized beyond expectation. Destroy What You Enjoy marks the beginning of yet another unpredictable and no doubt anarchic chapter in the story of a band that seems to thrive and grow stronger with each passing rock 'n roll cataclysm. Main man Spider wouldn't have it any other way, ' The entire history of this band has been filled with chaos and uncertainty, I've seen the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I've seen long time members disappear and record companies crumble. Though, through it all, the result has always been loud, obnoxious, uncompromising rock 'n roll. If all the bullshit and drama helped me create this new record then I don't regret a moment of it. Destroy What You Enjoy is our best yet.'