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Awaken To The Suffering
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1. Dissected by Righteousness
2. Ingestion of Creation
3. Hostility Towards Conformity
4. Media Consumption
5. Society\'s Desolation
6. Prolonging the Suffering (instrumental)
7. A Perverse Existence
8. Humanity\'s Cesspool
9. Festering in Filth
10. Opposing Globalization
11. Emesis
12. Revocation of Earth (instrumental)

By: Taylor Wientjes

For the most part, I was very anxious to hear the new Pathology album once I found out that Jon Huber was the newest adition to the band as their vocalist! I honestly have not listened to any other album by the band, so I figured I would give the new album a shot.
My overall opinion about the album is well.... bleh. That\'s how I feel about the album. Nothing seems to stand out or really catch my interest. I think I had too high of hopes for Jon\'s vocals, after hearing multiple tracks of his. To be perfectly honest, I feel his vocals were better on the video/recording he did with Cameron Argon of Disfiguring The Goddess. The vocals here are bleak and not much to them. Disappointed? Yes.

As far as the instruments go, the drumming... I haven\'t heard writing as boring as this since... Suicide Silence\'s EP. He doesn\'t seem to have anything more to offer than simple 8th note hi-hat blasts and simplistic fills. I would liked to have heard some 16th note kicks... 16th note blasts... you know REAL death metal drumming. Maybe next time. The guitarists, to be frank, bore me. I know it is just a slam band, but nothing about it appeals to me other than a few riffs found later in the album. Shame really...

BOTTOM LINE: I definitely think they have potential to be greater than what they have exhibited with this release. Don\'t get me wrong, it is extremely HEAVY, and if you like that then by all means check it out. But don\'t expect anything flashy or dazzling. It is just generic heavy. I would like to see them try a little bit harder next time, as this seemed a bit rushed to me.

RATING: 4/11

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Awaken To The Suffering