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Album Releases

Awaken To The Suffering
HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA
MEMBERS: Osacr Ramirez - Bass
Jonathan Huber - Vocals
Dave Astor - Drums
Tim Tiszczenko - Guitar
Kevin Schwartz - Guitar

PATHOLOGY’s current formation stands at its strongest with Astor on drums, Tim Tiszczenko on guitar, and bassist Oscar Ramirez, recently bringing in new additions Kevin Schwartz on guitar and vocalist Johnathan Huber to diversify the perfect lineup. Revealing an intense mixture of brutal riffs, crushing drums and imagery so blood-soaked, sickeningly twisted and filled with death that it’s impossible to look away, PATHOLOGY’s latest effort, Awaken to the Suffering, has made its debut to the metal masses. 

Brimming with heavy grooves, and a tight, relenting style, Awaken to the Suffering delivers savory slabs such as the standout head-banger, “Media Consumption.” “This [album] is by far the best thing we have ever done. Everything is extremely heavy and very tight,” expresses Astor. Make no mistake; this album is not in any way suitable for a weak stomach – the onslaught of rumbling grooves coupled with guttural growls leaves fans old and new assured of the presence of PATHOLOGY’s brutality. 

Slaying audiences across the nation comes off as effortless for PATHOLOGY, most notably in this past year. Ending 2010 on an extremely high note, PATHOLOGY headed out on tours with NILE, IMMOLATION, VADER, ENTHRONED, DESTROYER 666 and more, continuing to tour with OBITUARY (Europe), DEICIDE, GRAVE, BLOOD RED THRONE & GIGAN throughout 2011. 

The group refuses to tone down its dangerously high level of hostility, wreaking havoc on anything that dares to step into its destructive path. Breaking the mold to create and maintain a unique, raw sound has skyrocketed PATHOLOGY to the top of the death metal elite. Championing their reigning status to stand strong outside of the mainstream solidifies PATHOLOGY as the most forward-thinking merchants of mayhem around.