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Painted In Exile
Painted In Exile Post Behind The Scenes Video Update Online
May 11, 2010
Long Island's Prog/Tech JazzFusion Metal Extremists, Painted In Exile, have posted a video update online (which you can check out below). The video update contains behind the scenes footage from their recent video shoot for the song "Revitalized," which comes from their 2009 EP of the same name, as well as some footage of the band members discussing their influences and what the band has been up to recently.

Check the video out below and be sure to visit the band's Official Myspace page to get updates on the bands activities and news on their forthcoming full length release.
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HOME TOWN: Long Island, NY
Robert Richards - Vocals
James Murphy - Guitar
Marc Lambert - Guitar
William Murphy - Keyboard
Eddie DeCesare - Drums
Vincent Romanelli - Bass

Painted In Exile has been Revitalized for 2009 with the addition of Marc Lambert (Guitar) and Vin Romanelli (Bass). The new material we've all been waiting for is finally here with the release of the Revitalized EP! Three of the most unique compositions in metal are here to pummel you into submission, lift you up, then shatter any hope you had of survival.

While PIE forge metal as heavy, dark, and evil as humanly possible, they mix in other genres like jazz, pop, and rap seamlessly. So many metal bands throw in clean parts, and jazz just to be different, and although I would never rag on them for trying, this is just perfectly executed. The Exiles play jazz like a jazz band should, full of soul and groove. With vocals ranging from acidic screams from your worst nightmare to gravely lows that will scare your pit-bull.

Rob Richards' singing and vocal harmonies would entice anyone with his suave delivery. The guitarists James Murphy and Marc Lambert compose movements that really make you wonder how such emotion can be contrasted with brutality. Marc's leads are soulful and actually contribute to the music, you won't find shredding for sake of shredding here. James' riffs are extending the boundaries of technical death metal and it's such a breath of fresh air to hear such talent. Eddie DeCesare sounds like he's on his way to mastering metal drumming with tendon-tearing blast beats and killer poly-rhythmic grooves that you'll snap your neck to. Bill Murphy's classically influenced keyboards really make Painted In Exile’s multi-dimensional sound. Vin Romanelli is a bass player that contributes to the groups low-end with both groove and technical prowess.

I think we're all anxious to see them live, I know I am. 3.14 is getting wild on this shit!" - Matt DeCesare