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Century Media Unleashes 'Maidens Of Metal' 2009 Calendar
December 6, 2008
The “Maidens of Metal 2009” calendar, featuring the girls of the Century Media Record’s roster, has arrived and can be purchased now exclusively through CMDistro.com for only $10. This is the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer as this calendar features brand new, never before seen photos of Maria Brink (In This Moment), Kristen Randall (Winds of Plague) and Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis).

It also features scintillating shots of Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist), Anna K. (Opiate For The Masses), Aya (UnSun), Leeni-Maria (Kivimetsän Druidi) and Franziska Huth and Alla Fedynitch (Eyes of Eden).

An eye-popping new E-card has been posted at this location, which features previews of all the sexy images featured in the calendar.

There is no better way to head into 2009 than with your “Maidens of Metal” calendar. This is limited to 1,000 copies, so get your orders in now at CMDistro.
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Opiate For The Masses Featured In Rockband 2
October 30, 2008
As their new single for the track “Burn You Down,” continues to burn up the Active Rock airwaves across the country, Opiate For The Masses make a huge impact in the gaming world being a part of Rockband 2’s “emerging artist lineup.” This track will be included in a free downloadable series comprised of only 20 acts. As with the on-disc set list, the new downloadable tracks represent a wide variety of musical genres and countries, from progressive Japanese metal band X Japan to Portland, Oregon's Christian alternative act Kutless. The video for “Burn You Down” can be viewed below.

Opiate For The Masses recently teamed up with Drain STH vocalist Maria Sjoholm to record a captivating new track, “Anybody Else,” which also marks the first time that Sjoholm and Opiate bassist Anna K. performed together since Drain STH disbanded over eight years ago. The Stockholm based quartet Drain STH were one of the first all female acts to break out in the metal genre and paved the way for numerous others. Visit the band's Myspace page to check out the new track “Anybody Else.”

Anna K. further comments on this unique collaboration: “Ever since Drain STH broke up in 2000, we have all stayed in touch over the years. Maria spends some time here in LA every year, and the idea came up to record something together again. We (Opiate) had the song ‘Anybody Else’ lying around and we thought it would be a cool duet, so we rewrote the lyrics for that. Maria and I had a blast working together again and it felt like no time had passed. Maybe, just maybe, we'll do it again. I don’t know about you, but I've missed hearing her voice!"

Maria Sjoholm adds: “I really liked what Opiate For The Masses was all about, and when Anna asked me to sing on one of their songs I thought it was a great opportunity to get back in the studio again. It's been awhile since I sang anywhere, but in the shower, haha. It was a lot of fun, and I love how the lyrics turned out to be not your typical love song.”

Opiate For The Masses’ acclaimed drummer, Seven Antonopoulos, is currently featured in the Nov. 08 issue of Drum! Magazine, which is on stands now. The in-depth, four-page piece takes a good look into the beast behind the kit, breaks down how to play segments of “Dead Underground” and explains how dedicated the man is to his craft. Click here to check it out now.

The group’s highly acclaimed new full-length album, 'Manifesto', recorded by two Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producers: Ulrich Wild (Slipknot, Deftones) and John Travis (Kid Rock, Buckcherry), and is in stores now.
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Opiate For The Masses Rocks Radio, Launches YouTube Channel
August 19, 2008
As their new single burns up the Active Rock airwaves across the country, Opiate For The Masses continue to impress as a slew of press accolades continue to flow in. Revolver magazine states “OFTM is the specter of industrial metal. A band to watch” and Outburn states “With 'Manifesto' the group sees their musical vision come to fruition. OFTM is ready to take on the world.” If you are not a believer feel free to check out the band's Official Myspace Page now to stream a few new tracks, which will be available for a limited time only.

Ron Underwood (vocals) recently completed a trek of in studio acoustic performances throughout some major radio markets. Underwood proves what an accomplished and versatile performer he truly is, taking on the tasks of playing these songs all on his own. Click here to check out his performance on KQXR in Boise, which features acoustic versions of “Dead Underground” and “Burn You Down” (featuring Jim Kaufman on guitar).

The group recently completed a highly successful North American trek alongside Filter and 10 Years, which was preceded by a stint of headlining radio sponsored shows. Footage from their sold-out show in Boise, ID has been uploaded to the band’s new YouTube channel. Head over now to check out their vicious live performance of “Dead Underground.” Their latest promo video clip for the latest single “Burn You Down” can be viewed below.

Stay tuned for a major North American touring announcement to be made within the coming weeks.
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Opiate For The Masses Unleash 'Manifesto', Announce Tours
July 10, 2008
The wait is finally over, as the leaders of the new hard rock revolution, Opiate For The Masses,’ latest full length opus, 'Manifesto', is now available everywhere. The release of 'Manifesto' follows a hugely successful tour with Filter and 10 Years, which wraps up in LA this weekend. This leads the band immediately into a string of headlining radio dates before they join back up with Filter for a short direct support run. In August, the band will be featured on the GrindCo. Sports Tour, which also features Sevendust, Drowning Pool and Nonpoint.

The group’s first single entitled, “Burn You Down,” is currently #45 on the Active Rock Chart and climbing. A striking video for the track was shot by acclaimed director David Brodsky (GWAR, Helmet), and its explosive content will literally and figuratively blow you away! Head over to the band's Myspace page now to check it out.

Critical acclaim is coming in for the band’s music: “This album would make a vampire grin with his pearly white fangs,” says The Cleveland Leader and Playback Press.com adds; “Opiate For The Masses is, in my humble opinion, one of the hottest rising bands.”

Hot Topic has announced a limited edition two disc version of 'Manifesto' to be sold exclusively through their stores nationwide. The set will be sold at a special introductory price ($7.99) and will feature a second disc filled with three, new exclusive tracks not available anywhere else.

'Manifesto' was recorded by two Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producers: Ulrich Wild (Slipknot, Deftones) and John Travis (Kid Rock, Buckcherry). The new offering is a propulsive mix of sheer hard rock aggression, soaring melodies and electronic experimentation that could be best described as Alice In Chains meets Nine Inch Nails.

The group’s talents and determination are also well respected by their peers as Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) states: “Opiate For The Masses...I think they're going to be big.” Woozyfly.com agrees – having debuted their video and a new interview with the group recently to herald the album’s release, which can be viewed below. Also check out www.woozyfly.com/buckshotsbonanza for more video footage.

Opiate For The Masses w/ Filter:
7/10 Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
7/11 Phoenix, AZ - Tempe Marketplace
7/12 West Hollywood, CA - Roxy Theater

Opiate For The Masses (one off show w/ 36 Crazyfists and Walls of Jericho)
7/14 Merced, CA - Fat Cat’s

Opiate For The Masses – Headlining Radio Sponsored Shows:
7/16 Tacoma, WA - Last Day Saloon
7/18 Spokane, WA - The Big Easy
7/19 Boise, ID - The Knitting Factory
7/23 Santa Rosa, CA - Last Day Saloon

Opiate For The Masses W/ Filter:
7/26 Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
7/27 Altamont, NY - Altamont Fairgrounds
7/29 State College, PA - Lulu's
7/30 Pittsburgh, PA - Diesel
7/31 Battle Creek, MI - Planet Rock
8/2 Omaha, NE - Westfair Amphitheatre
8/3 Duluth, MN - Bayfront Festival Park
8/5 Kansas City, MO - Voodoo Lounge
8/6 Little Rock, AR - Revolution Room

Opiate "GrindCo tour" w/ Sevendust, Drowning Pool and Nonpoint:
8/15 LaCrosse, WI - LaCrosse Center
8/16 Green Bay, WI - Brown County Arena
8/17 Madison, WI - Coliseum at Alliant Energy Center
8/19 Fargo, ND - Fargodome
8/20 Rapid City, SD - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Arena

Many more dates to come!
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HOME TOWN: Los Angeles
Ron Underwood - Vocals
Jim Kaufman - Guitar
Seven Antonopoulos - Drums
Anna K. - Bass

Often they know a band member or two personally but they always know the band professionally. This could be because the band has been making music and touring for the last 9 years. It could be because all the members have an impressive history in the music industry beyond their work in OPIATE. It could also be because the band has never compromised or followed trends in music, instead honing their signature Industrial Rock blend over the years while touring with any band that worked remotely well with their style.

OK, they know them, but do they LIKE them? Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) states: “OPIATE FOR THE MASSES are going to be big.” Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) agrees: “This is the band to look out for in 2008. They are a great rock band with an edge, and certainly a must see live. They will f*ck you up.” Joey Jordison (Slipknot) goes further: “OPIATE FOR THE MASSES is nothing short of hypnotic. Tracks such as ‘21st Century Time Bomb,’ and the somber lull of ‘The Habit,’ make this new album a must have for fans of industrial, goth, metal and new wave.” Nuff said!

Jim Kaufman (guitar / synth) and Ron Underwood (vocals) formed the nucleus of the band in 1999, when they met in art school. “Ron’s understanding of melody was so advanced and I was working on rhythm so we were the perfect complement to eachother,” says Kaufman. The clutch songwriting duo took their ‘show on the road’ and continuously toured and made music, honing their signature sound. The years have been kind to the group, making their music a bit heavier and a lot more focused. Ron Underwood knew what he wanted out of life from boyhood. “I wanted to be an astronaut or a pirate. I am kind of both now,” he explains. “You travel in a vessel like an astronaut (tour bus) across the vast roads of America and you run through a town, drink all their liquor and roll out leaving them scratching their heads, on to your next abomination… like a pirate!” This pirate’s life started out behind the guitar and was pushed to the forefront when his incredible showmanship reared its head. Jim Kaufman wastes no time. His time off the road (and mind you – OPIATE played 275 shows in 2005) is spent producing and engineering for other bands, scoring films and video games, as well as working on his label, American Voodoo Records.

When the previous drummer was leaving OPIATE in 2004, Kaufman had the good fortune to see Seven Antonopoulos play live. “My jaw dropped when I saw him play,” said Kaufman. Kaufman asked Antonopoulos to join the band soon after. “He is a MONSTER of a drummer,” adds Underwood of his formidable bandmate. Antonopoulos’ tenure with HELLAFIELD FUNK CREW and REVOLTING COCKS among others preceded the amazing work he does in OPIATE. Admired by both fans and other musicians, he immediately brought with him his sterling reputation but later on, he brought with him some(one) else entirely…

Anna K. comes to the band with 12 years of recording and touring experience and an international hard rock pedigree – she was a founding member of Swedish rockers DRAIN STH and played with New York-based HANZEL UND GRETYL and bawdy Texans REVOLTING COCKS. “Anna is such a ballsy player,” says Underwood of the bassist whose stunning looks belie the guts with which she plays “she is like a Race Car driver - fearless!” Working with her husband Antonopoulos, is the perfect combination for a band that operates like a family anyway. Their completion of the band opened up a new era for OPIATE FOR THE MASSES.

This auspicious combination of talents readied OPIATE to enter the studio to make MANIFESTO. Ulrich Wild (Incubus, Static X, Seether) and John Travis (Kid Rock, Sugar Ray, Social Distortion), good friends of Kaufman’s, worked on the record which is packed with hard-hitting tracks. One such single, the first to radio, is “Burn You Down,” which is fueled by Prodigy-like aggressive Industrial / Dance beats with Rock guitar and vocals that give it that OPIATE edge. Another track – the album opener, “21st Century Time Bomb,” is a raw rocker that shakes the listener out of their bland music coma and sets the tone for the album with its samples, oddly juxtaposed segments and razor-sharp vocals. An inspired cover of PORTISHEAD’s “Wandering Star” finds its way into MANIFESTO. The band pulls it off with their signature style, giving the track a real ‘bite.’ Another original track, “Dead Underground” is one of Antonopoulos’ favorites to play, with its hard hits. The style of the track plays into Underwood’s live swagger with some of its own.

The comfort the band has with this new lineup and new material is palpable on the new album. They are making their friends proud, and will bring many new friends and fans into the fold with MANIFESTO. It’s time to look into OPIATE FOR THE MASSES – if you don’t know and love them already!