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One-way Mirror
Soilwork Announce The Return Of Peter Wichers
September 18, 2008
It’s been almost three years since guitarist Peter Wichers announced his departure (on December 11, 2005) from one of Sweden’s elite metal forces, Soilwork. Although this initially caused shock and discussion within the metal community, Soilwork were determined to continue modernizing the face of music and unleashed 'Sworn To A Great Divide' in October of 2007.

Still driven to be an unstoppable force, Soilwork brings great news to all their fans with the following statement:

"The past two years have been great although sometimes a bit turbulent. We made another killer album and did several amazing tours around the world, and today it is with sheer joy and excitement that we announce the return of Peter Wichers as a guitarist in Soilwork. He’s been missed both as a bandmate and as a songwriter.

We know that we can come back even stronger, and it definitely gives us a feeling of inspiration and completion to have Peter, one of the founders of Soilwork, come back to the fold. We feel that we can look into the future with greater confidence and musical creativity. Having Peter back will complete the circle and the final line up of the band.

This also marks Daniel Antonsson's departure from Soilwork as Peter’s replacement since 2006. We are really grateful for Daniel's excellent work and he will be missed. However, to us it’s ideal for Peter to fulfill his former duties as a songwriter and guitarist. Going separate ways with Daniel is not an easy decision for us to make, but it’s the right one. We wish Daniel the best of luck in the future and many great things with his other band Dimension Zero! Rock on Daniel!!!

As we previously announced, Dirk's bandmate in Scarve, Sylvain Coudret, has been doing session work for us throughout the Summer festivals and shredding on second guitar. Therefore we’re taking this opportunity to confirm Sylvain as a permanent guitar player for Soilwork. Since we’re big fans of Scarve, we know Sylvain will make a great addition to the songwriting process for the next Soilwork album. Peter's return to Soilwork will begin on stage with the upcoming European tour."

We’re looking forward to rocking out with all of you this Fall and Winter… See you on the road for a unique Swedish metal feast that may very well include some blasts from the past."

Peter’s personal statement is as follows:

Let me first of all say that I’m incredibly grateful for all the amazing feedback and support that I’ve received since my departure from Soilwork almost three years ago.

When I left Soilwork, I was at a place in my life where I felt burnt out on touring and I needed to get my life into a more stable situation. I needed to do something other than Soilwork, perhaps explore more diverse styles of songwriting and musical journeys. Therefore, over the past few years, I’ve been very focused on production, songwriting and family, and have had the privilege to work with some amazing artists on some really cool and rewarding projects.

During my time away from the band, my good friend Bjorn ‘Speed’ and I had always kept in touch and maintained a great friendship. We recently spoke about working on a possible musical collaboration, and that’s when we started toying with the idea of me perhaps returning to Soilwork.

I needed some time to think about it, but after careful consideration, I’ve decided that I still have tons of enthusiasm and creativity to contribute to Soilwork. I have a lot of love for my brothers in the band, and I would of course be honored to once again share the stage with the greatest metal band in the world!

So it is with great honor that I now announce my return and 110% commitment to Soilwork. I guarantee that we’ll bring forth one hell of a show and write the best album in the history of Soilwork’s career. See y’all out there!!!!"

Soilwork will be on tour with Zimmers Hole and One-Way Mirror in Europe this November and December. Shortly after, the band will headline a massive North American tour to begin in late January 2009 with Darkane, Warbringer, and Swallow The Sun.

For upcoming Soilwork tour dates and the latest news, visit,
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One-Way Mirror: "Destination Device" Video Now Available
July 20, 2008
New French metal sensation, One-Way Mirror, have finished shooting their first video for their self-titled debut. The band picked "Destination Device" as the song for the video and you can check it out by clicking here. You can also check it out below.

Comments guitar player David Potvin: “’Destination Device’ is probably the most crushing way to introduce One-Way Mirror sound. This song embodies perfectly our music direction, and that’s why we choose it as the opening song. The Decaillon brothers, who directed the video, found the absolute way to illustrate the energy of this track.”

The bands self-titled debut will be available everywhere July 22nd!
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Metal Blade Signs One-Way Mirror
April 29, 2008
One-Way Mirror is a brand new rock/metal band on the verge of triggering a revolution in the World of music. The band was created in 2006 when five close friends decided to join forces to create the ultimate rock metal band:

Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic) - Vocals
David Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I) - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Loic Colin (Scarve) - Bass
Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I) - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) - Drums

One-Way Mirror's
self-titled debut album includes potential rock anthems "Empty Spaces", "As You Are Now", and "Destination Device" as well as a mindblowing rock version of "Relax" by eighties band Frankie Goes To Hollywood!

One-Way Mirror recorded the drums for the album with Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames) at the Dug Out Studio while everything else was recorded later on at Lyzanxia's Dome Studio and Guillaume Bideau's Dogs In The House Studio and produced by Guillaume Bideau and David Potvin. The band then went to Denmark to get the tracks mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, Dark Tranquillity, Mnemic, Moonspell) at the Antfarm Studio.

Comments guitarist David Potvin: "As a newcomer band, we're proud to be part of this pioneer label which discovered cult bands such as Metallica and Slayer and continues to develop the most kick ass bands like As I Lay Dying, The Ocean and many more. We already know that we're gonna do a great job together. We'll see you on stage soon. Kick-start the melee!"

Check out a rough version of the song "As You Are Now" and an album teaser of 'One-Way Mirror' on the bands Myspace page. You can also listen to "As You Are Now" in a better sound quality on the bands Official Website,

Tracklisting for 'One-Way Mirror':
01. Destination Device
02. As You Are Now
03. ReDream
04. Danger Calling
05. Empty Spaces
06. Deprived Of Connection
07. Keeping Me Away
08. Sockracer
09. 21st Century
10. Relax
11. Liberation Sphere

The bands self-titled debut album will be released on the 27th of June 2008 (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) and the 30th of June 2008 (rest of Europe).
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Guillaume Bideau – Vocals
David Potvin – Lead Guitar/Backing vocals
Loic Colin – Bass
Franck Potvin – Rhythm Guitar/ Backing vocals
Dirk Verbeuren – Drums

One-Way Mirror is a rock metal band on the verge of triggering a revolution in the world of music. The band was created in 2005 when 5 close friends decided to join forces to create the ultimate rock metal band:

- Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic),
- David and Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I),
- Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork)
- Loic Colin (Scarve, Watcha).

These buddies were used to sharing the stage with their respective bands and as they got closer throughout the years, they started working on more and more projects together and eventually they came up with the idea of creating a band in the rock metal genre, in which they would include all their influences to bring out a unique style boasting the most powerful and melodic hard-hitting rock anthems of today. 

They got together for two weeks in studio to party and to work on some tunes just to see how things could develop. In the end, the alchemy was so perfect that 11 tracks were composed. With their venture taking serious shape, the musicians decided to go to Sweden to record the drums with Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames) at the Dug Out Studio. Everything else was recorded later on at Lyzanxia’s Dome  Studio/Guillaume Bideau's Dogs in the house studio and produced by Guillaume Bideau and David Potvin.

The album was finalized in October 2007 when the band went to Denmark to get the tracks mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, Dark Tranquillity, Mnemic) at the Antfarm Studio. One-Way Mirror now had its full identity and 11 killer tunes under its belt. The next logical step was to get plastic arts master Alain Trehard to design the album cover and the booklet.

The bands self-titled debut album will be released the 27th of June 2008 (G/A/CH/I) / 30th of June 2008 (rest of Europe) on Metal Blade Records.