One Dying Wish
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Album Releases

In Eidetic Resolution
HOME TOWN: Laffayette, CO
Mike (guitar)
Tim (guitar)
Tristan (bass)
Chris (vocals)
Sam (drums)

One Dying Wish started like most bands, a group of cool guys spending way to much time together for the sole purpose of creating music. This all happened in the fall of 2001. The original line up included Alex Krill on vocals, which lasted only a short while due to, what he called, his insatiable urge to 'get the hell out of this state.' We believe to this day that it had more to do with his girlfriend than anything else. I guess we can't complain to much, without girls half our songs would need new lyrics. After the untimely departure of Alex, we remained a four piece for almost a year. During this time we tried out all sorts of folks for a new front man. To no avail. But the rock couldn't stop, and we pressed on and played many shows with lots of good bands. During the summer of 2002 we headed into the studio as a quartet in order to record our first four song EP, In Eidetic Resolution. After a few more months of playing out, we tried out a singer we actually liked enough to spend the rest of our lives with. His name was Chris Smith. Chris came to us from the big city, had been in touring bands before, and completed us in a way we never thought anyone could. So now the five of us have just recently gotten back from our first tour, and recently released In Eidetic Resolution ourselves. We hope to rock for the rest of our short lives and will probably be coming near you soon. Keep your eye out.