Once Nothing
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Album Releases

First Came The Law
HOME TOWN: Pittsburgh, PA
Todd - Vocals
Josh - Guitar
Giuseppe - Drums
Steve - Bass

Self-described as “blue-collar metal,” Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s ONCE NOTHING exemplify that moniker perfectly, embodying the grit and glory of the Steel City, possessing an unrivaled work ethic and a rarely paralleled song-craft.

In describing the concept of “blue-collar metal,” vocalist Todd Lowry explains, “Our mentality now and in the past has always been to tour as much as is humanly possible and show people what this is all about.” Knowing that actions speak louder than words, the band proceeded to play 250 shows in 2006 alone.

Always eager to please their existing fans, as well as stun new ones, ONCE NOTHING are proud to present Earthmover, a churning, brutal blend of hardcore, metal and southern rock that is set to turn the hardcore scene upside down with its uncanny precision, exquisite execution and defiance of genre. With the precision and polish of a band that takes its craft seriously, ONCE NOTHING have achieved the difficult task that few bands before them have done – creating a metal record that will be loved not only by metal fans, but also by those who typically do not like metal.