On Broken Wings
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Its All Just A Long Goodbye

Some Of Us May Never See The World
As Blood Runs Black, Terror To Team Up For Tour
September 27, 2008
The hardcore loyalists in LA’s Terror recently wrapped up a massive seven-week, headlining, North American trek in support of their highly acclaimed new album, 'The Damned, The Shamed'. The tour also featured The Warriors, Death Before Dishonor, CDC and Trapped Under Ice marking their first headlining tour in almost two years. The group now prepares to embark on the much anticipated “Choose Or Lose, Vote Or Die” tour serving as direct support to one of the genre’s most talked about newer artists, As Blood Runs Black, who are preparing to record their sophomore effort. This amazing bill, which kicks off on Oct. 16th, is rounded out by Blood Stands Still with On Broken Wings and The Ghost Inside on select dates.

As Blood Runs Black guitarist Ernie Flores states: “At first I was deeply thinking of naming this tour the ‘Odd Man Out Tour’ considering we're the only band on the tour more on the metal side. Then I sat down and realized how long we've wanted to do a tour like this. It's going to be a great time playing with the package we have set up for this tour and we'll be able to really branch out to the real hardcore community, as the others will be able to branch out to the younger crowd and newer generation of fans that we have. Having our label mates Blood Stands Still and The Ghost Inside is already a big plus to this tour since we're all great friends already. Personally, Terror is one of my favorite bands of all time so I'm sure you'll see me running around in the crowd every night and we've been On Broken Wings fans for years. This tour should be a huge success for everyone and even more so a fucking blast. We're going to be playing a bunch of brand new tracks that will be on the new record so make sure you all come out and peep the new shit.

“As far as the new record is concerned, we're really almost done. We've been dedicating almost all of our time to touring as much as possible, covering as much ground as possible and taking our time with writing. We're in the studio tracking now and hoping for a March 2009 release. We'll be posting brand new demo tracks prior to the tour. It's coming. Hate it or love it, like it or not.

“In addition and on another topic, our boys in Bury Your Dead were in a horrible accident this morning. Slim is still in the hospital so everyone please stop by their page and pay your respect and love to the boys and hope for Slim's speedy recovery. Get better homeboy. We're all here waiting for you. Alright, well that's all I really have to say. Hope to see all of you at the shows having a good time and going crazy with all of us.”

Scott Vogel (vocals) of Terror further comments: “After a month long break we are going right back out and hitting the U.S. again to keeping promoting our new record. After just finishing up a more straight up traditional hardcore tour, which we love, this time were going out with mostly more metalish HC modern stuff or whatever you call it. We are looking forward to playing to some of the newer, younger kids. We are hitting up a lot of places we haven't been to in a while and of course, some of the regulars. The tour mostly is in the middle of the country with the east and west coast not having many shows this time around. We hope to see you all there and look forward to making many new friends along the way.”

For more information and a complete touring itinerary, be sure to visit www.myspace.com/asbloodrunsblack or http://www.myspace.com/terror.
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Emmure Announce Headlining Tour
March 19, 2008
Queens, NY/Fairfield, CT metallic hardcore upstarts Emmure have announced the line up and dates for their upcoming "The Mosh Lives Tour" headlining tour, which is being sponsored by TNA Wrestling. The tour, which kicks off on April 26th in New Jersey, will apparently be the start of the touring cycle to promote their upcoming sophomore album, 'The Respect Issue', which is slated for release on May 18th, via Victory.

The band had the following to say about the tour: "TNA Wrestling and Emmure are proud to bring you "The Mosh Lives Tour!" This is our first ever headlining tour so we need all of your support to BLOW THIS UP! We are extremely excited to take out some of our favorite bands and soon to be new friends On Broken Wings, Recon, Ligeia, After The Burial, Red I Flight and Endwell. More dates to be announced soon so stay tuned and SPREAD THE WORD!"

"The Mosh Lives Tour" Dates:
4/26 - Pompton Lakes, NJ @ TBA
4/27 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium - (New England Metal Fest)
4/28 - Rochester, NY @ Penny Arcade
4/29 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft
4/30 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
5/01 - Detroit, MI @ The Ritz
5/02 - Chicago, IL @ Savage Events Center
5/03 - Minneapolis, MN @ Barfly
5/04 - Milwaukee, WI @ Miramar Theatre
5/06 - Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
5/07 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Outer Rim
5/08 - Boise, ID @ The Venue
5/09 - Spokane, WA @ The Blvd
5/10 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
5/12 - Reno, NV @ Open Ground Skatepark
5/13 - Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
5/14 - Fresno, CA @ The Exit
5/15 - Bakersfield, CA @ The Dome
5/16 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
5/17 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
5/18 - Los Angeles, CA @ Key Club
5/19 - Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
5/20 - El Paso, TX @ Chic's
5/22 - Tulsa, OK @ King Of Clubs
5/23 - Dallas, TX @ Fat Daddy's
5/24 - San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
5/25 - Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
5/26 - Baton Rouge, LA @ The Darkroom
5/27 - Pensacola, FL @ The Red Door
5/29 - Miami, FL @ Studio A
6/01 - Augusta, GA @ Club Hollywood
6/03 - Nashville, TN @ The Muse
6/04 - St. Louis, MO @ Pop's
6/05 - Covington, KY @ Madhatter
6/09 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Club Relevant
6/10 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The School
6/13 - Warwick, RI @ Club Hell
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Sworn Enemy Upcoming U.S. Tour Dates Announced
May 26, 2006
SWORN ENEMY are heading out in June and July alongside of ON BROKEN WINGS (Eulogy), BLACK MY HEART (Eulogy) and NIGHTS LIKE THESE (Victory) to support their new album, "The Beginning Of The End", out now on Abacus Recordings. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Jun. 16 - Kingston, PA @ Backstage Enterprises
Jun. 17 - Danville, VA @ Plan B
Jun. 18 - Augusta, GA @ Sector 7G
Jun. 20 - Nashville, TN @ The Muse
Jun. 21 - St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl
Jun. 22 - Tulsa, OK @ The Hive
Jun. 23 - Denver, CO @ TBA
Jun. 24 - Cedar City, UT @ The Boondocks
Jun. 26 - Tacoma, WA @ Hell's Kitchen
Jun. 27 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
Jun. 28 - Portland, OR @ TBA
Jun. 29 - Boise, ID @ The Venue
Jun. 30 - Reno, NV @ Fourteenth Street Ward
Jul. 01 - Roseville, CA @ The Underground
Jul. 02 - Lancaster, CA @ Cedar Center
Jul. 03 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Knitting Factory
Jul. 05 - Corona, CA @ Showcase Theatre
Jul. 06 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
Jul. 07 - Ventura, CA @ Alpine
Jul. 08 - Las Vegas, NV @ TBA
Jul. 09 - Tucson, AZ @ TBA
Jul. 10 - El Paso, TX @ TBA
Jul. 11 - Ft. Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theater
Jul. 12 - Topeka, KS @ The Static Bar
Jul. 13 - Joplin, MO @ The Bridge
Jul. 14 - Des Moines, IA @ House of Bricks
Jul. 15 - Grand Rapids, MI @ TBA
Jul. 16 - Toronto, ON @ Terrorfest
Jul. 17 - Ottawa, ON @ TBA
Jul. 18 - Montreal, QC @ Cafe L'Inco
Jul. 19 - Quebec City, QC @ L'Anti
Jul. 20 - Bucksport, ME @ The Kave
Jul. 21 - Worcester, MA @ TBA
Jul. 22 - Centerreach, NY @ Centerreach VFW
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Getting Ready For New Wings
December 20, 2004
On Broken Wings will be hitting the studio in 2/to begin recording their new album. Eulogy is planning to release the album in late spring/early summer.
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Johnathan Blake (vocals)
Mike McMillen (guitar)
Burke Medeiros (guitar)
Jerome McBride (bass)
Kevin Garvin (drums)

The Boston 6-piece known as On Broken Wings formed in early 2001. On Broken Wings play heavy, heavy music and have been compared to groups like Converge, Poison The Well, Every Time I die, Eighteen Visions, Glassjaw, and more. On Broken Wings pride themselves on their competent live shows giving them a chance to feature their more original aspects. The intricate guitar works, the subtle addition of keys and samples, and the all out intense fury of 6 guys playing the music they love. On Broken Wings recently released debut full length Some of Us May Never See the World is garnering rave reviews from both the metal and hardcore communities. The band will be on the road all Summer and Fall in support.