On A Pale Horse
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A Generation Of Vipers
Monster Energy Bash: Details Announced
March 10, 2008
To Coincide with SxSW, Monster Energy has partnered up with Side One Dummy and Swinghouse to bring you the Kick-a@# parties of the year with 26 bands blasting eardrums for two days straight on 3 stages. On A Pale Horse, Black Tide, At All Cost, In This Moment, and Hatebreed's Jamy Jasta are just some of the artists featured during this weekend event. The full itinerary for the event is as follows:

Friday, March 14, 2008:
Cedar Door Noon – 6:00pm
201 Brazos St.
Austin, TX 78701

Monster Energy, Side One Dummy & Swing House Present:
Mock Tigers - Noon - 12:20pm
Gaslight Anthem - 12:30 - 1pm
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - 1:15 - 1:45pm
Eddie Spaghetti - 1:55 - 2:25pm
Charlie Overbey - 2:35 - 2:55pm
Chuck Ragan - 3:05 - 3:35pm
Astra Heights - 3:45 - 4:05pm
Delux - 4:15 - 4:45pm
Authority Zero - 5pm - 5:30pm

Saturday, March 15, 2008:
RED 7 – Indoor Stage
611 E. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Monster Energy and Swinghouse Present:
the Buck Brothers - 12:30 - 12:50pm
Drive A - 1:05 - 1:25pm
Astra Heights - 1:40 - 2:20pm
Von Iva – 2:35 - 2:55pm
Moving Picture Show - 3:10 - 3:40pm
Chain Gang of 1974 - 3:55 - 4:15pm
Monte Negro - 4:30 - 4:50pm
The Dear & Departed - 5:05 - 5:35pm

RED 7 – Patio Stage:
Subversa - Noon - 12:20pm
Phantoms - 12:35 - 12:55pm
Koopa - 1:10 - 1:30pm
On A Pale Horse - 1:45 - 2:05pm
Black Tide - 2:20 - 2:50pm
At All Cost - 3:05 - 3:35pm
In This Moment - 3:50 - 4:20pm
Jasta - 4:35 - 5:15pm
(The voice of Hatebreed,
Icepick, and Kingdom of Sorrow)
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On A Pale Horse Post New Song, Video Online
January 24, 2008
Des Moines, Iowa's On A Pale Horse have posted the track "Release The Smoke" from their upcoming new album, 'A Generation of Vipers', online at http://www.myspace.com/onapalehorse

"This tune was initially written for the last record and fortunately the way we had it then didn't make the final cut. When we started writing for the new album we came back to this song and retooled it a bit and BAM, it turned out to be my favorite song that we have ever done. It's weird how things work out like that," says vocalist Aaron Peltz.

"'Release The Smoke' started out as just a title and a vision of what I thought it should be about, since I was feeling a native-mysticism type vibe for the song, who better to write the lyrics than Jerry. He actually came up with the words when I was cutting vocals with Warren and it took him maybe a half hour to write it. He also added some native tongue during the end of the tune and added the spoken word that you hear in the middle. The song is about a sweat-lodge that natives go into (kind of like a sauna, but hotter and more uncomfortable). They used these as a way to receive visions and to cleanse the spirit. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this song as much as we do."

On A Pale Horse will release their heavily anticipated new album, 'A Generation of Vipers', on March 4th, 2008 through Corporate Punishment Records. The album was produced by Warren Riker (Crowbar, Down, Cathedral) and executive-produced by Slipknot's Paul Gray. The group has recently uploaded the video for the track "Sound The Alarm", which can be viewed below.

The band is currently offering fans a FREE On A Pale Horse t-shirt to anyone who pre-orders the album through the Corporate Punishment website.

For more information on the band, check out the band's Official Myspace Page.
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On A Pale Horse Post New Song Online, Video In Top 40
January 5, 2008
Des Moines, Iowa's On A Pale Horse, featuring guitarist Josh Brainard (ex-Slipknot) and vocalist Aaron Peltz (ex-Downthesun), are currently streaming the title track from their forthcoming album 'A Generation of Vipers' on the groups MySpace page.

"We are previewing a song off the new record every week up until the release on our MySpace, says vocalist Aaron Peltz. "The first track up for preview that hasn't been heard yet is the title track of our album."

On A Pale Horse has set March 4th, 2008 as the release date for their upcoming new album 'A Generation of Vipers' through Corporate Punishment Records. The album was produced by Warren Riker (Crowbar, Down, Cathedral) and executive-produced by Slipknot's Paul Gray.

The groups recently released video for "Sound The Alarm" has quickly become one of the hottest videos online at Revver.com, where the video is currently ranked in the Top 40. The video for "Sound The Alarm" can be seen below.

"We did the "Sound the Alarm" video in like 3 hours with independent filmmaker Thor Moreno and the feedback and curiosity about us so far has been great since we posted it up on Revver.com. It's nothing flashy which fits us perfectly," says Peltz. "The footage was shot at our nasty ass practice space and our home base in Des Moines at the House of Bricks. We hadn't ever made an actual video before so we definitely wanted to get the people that have supported us in on the shoot."

For more information, check out http://www.myspace.com/OnAPaleHorse.
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On A Pale Horse Announces Album Release Date
December 23, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa's On A Pale Horse has set March 4th, 2008 as the release date for their new album, 'A Generation of Vipers', through independent powerhouse Corporate Punishment Records.

"It's been a long time coming for us for sure. We have always said we are an album a year type of band so this wait has really tested us," says frontman Aaron Peltz. "The record has been done for a long time and we've been dying to unleash it. All good things come to those who wait."

On A Pale Horse features guitarist Josh Brainard (ex-Slipknot) and vocalist Aaron Peltz (ex-Downthesun). Brainard recorded two albums with Slipknot, the group's independent release 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat' and the group's multi-platinum self-titled debut. Vocalist Aaron Peltz fronted Downthesun, which released their GGGarth (Rage Against The Machine) produced self-titled debut album through Roadrunner Records in 2002.

On A Pale Horse's forthcoming album, 'A Generation of Vipers', was produced by Warren Riker (Crowbar, Down, Cathedral) and executive-produced by Slipknot's Paul Gray. The group recently uploaded the video for the track "Sound The Alarm". Check it out below.

While On A Pale Horse's affiliations with other group's are inescapable, their music brings to mind the likes of Down, Clutch, COC and classic Queens of the Stoneage.

For more information on the band, go to http://www.myspace.com/OnAPaleHorse.
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HOME TOWN: Des Moines, IA
Aaron Peltz - Vocals
Josh Brainard - Guitars
Matt Robinson - Bass
Nick Svoboda - Drums
Jerry Spargur- Guitars

As Iowa's capital city, Des Moines is a hub of government action, business activity, arts and cultural affairs. With a City population approaching 200,000 and a metro population of nearly 500,000, Des Moines offers some of the nation's best schools, superb public services, and friendly, caring neighborhoods. Affordable housing, one of the nation's shortest commute times, and an increasingly diverse population, make Des Moines a wonderful place to live, work and visit.� - City of Des Moines

Des Moines, Iowa is not a big city. In fact, it is probably even smaller than the 200,000 population would suggest. And, as in all small Midwest communities, nowhere is that more evident than in the music scene. 

And, as you can guess, in Des Moines you would be hard pressed to find a seasoned musician without ties to Iowa�s favorite bastard sons (unless you�re an elitist and/or a hater, in which case, fuck you). That said, let�s get it out of the way. Josh was in Slipknot. And not just kinda, sorta in Slipknot. He played on both their independent debut Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat, and on every track on their eponymous 1999 Roadrunner debut (and rumor has it, he�s the one who brought in the red jumpsuits). And if the connection ended there, we could probably move on.  But this is Des Moines.

So in 1998, at the exit of Josh �Gnar� Brainard during the recording of said debut, Slipknot, at the suggestion of vocalist Corey Taylor, recruited guitarist Jim Root, formerly of Stone Sour, to take his place, Jim who was at the time playing in Deadfront with vocalist Aaron Peltz and former Stone Sour bassist Shawn Economaki (who would also exit after Root�s depature to work for the �Knot and eventually reform Stone Sour with Taylor and Root.)

So as any red-blooded singer who just lost his whole band would probably do, he formed another band, along with Deadfront co-conspirator Danny Spain, (who also played in the thrash band Atomic Opera in the early nineties with Root) DOWNTHESUN, by way of Kansas City, with musicians referred to them by Slipknot mainman Shawn Crahan, who would also eventually help the band land a deal with Roadrunner Records.
And while DOWNTHESUN would go on to tour with Slayer and Soulfly, and release a respectable and well-received 2002 debut, the band was unceremoniously dropped from Roadrunner the following year, and in Peltz own words �failed miserably�.

After the demise of DTS in 2003, Aaron would join forces with Brainard and founders Jerry Spargur and Jeremy Easley in ON A PALE HORSE, a Des Moines band formed out of ashes of PAINFACE (which ironically featured original Slipknot vocalist Anders Colsefini), who would unleash their independent debut Black Is Not The Darkest Color, that same year. Confusing? Yeah we know.

In 2004 the band joined forces with Grammy winning producer Warren Riker (Down, Crowbar, Cathedral) to produce Blacks� follow up, the self-titled stoner-core opus, On A Pale Horse, which would further establish the band�s position as an underground powerhouse, winning over fans in contemporaries including Down/Corrosion Of Conformity�s Pepper Keenan, and, you guessed it, members of Slipknot, including bassist Paul Gray, who would serve as executive producer on it�s Riker helmed follow-up, A Generation of Vipers, in stores August 7th via Corporate Punishment.

So is there any musical similarity between Slipknot and OAPH? Nope. In fact, while their roots are firmly planted in the Metal community, OAPH probably have more in common with QOTSA, DOWN, CLUTCH, ACID BATH, and KYUSS. Shamless name dropping? Probably. But it�s a Hell of a story.