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The Mountains Divide Us Seeking Vocalist
August 20, 2009
Guitarists Alec James and Jantzen Holt, both former members of now defunct Central California prog/tech melodic death metallers Omni, have once again teamed up and recruited new band mates (Matt Seals - Bass and Kyle Snyder - Drums) to form a new band which they have dubbed, The Mountains Divide Us.

The band have been working on brand new material and currently have three self produced instrumental songs available for streaming on their Official Myspace Page.

They are currently seeking a vocalist to complete the line up and have issued the following statement via their Official Myspace Blog:

"We are currently seeking a Vocalist. Please send us a link to some of your vocal work or send an mp3 to our email at It would save everyone some time if we could hear how you sound first before we start sending out songs to everybody that asks for them saying they can sing. Please don't let this discourage you! We still want auditions, we're just trying to 'trim the fat' so to speak.

We ask that you meet these simple requirements:
1. Be out of highschool
2. 18 and over
3. Have your own transportation
4. Ability to write and sing own material, or work off of others
5. Having your own P.A and mic would be an awesome plus!
6. Positive attitude towards our music, make it your own! (and we don't mean steal haha)
So ya that's pretty much it. Enjoy the songs and have fun putting your spin on a vocal melody to them! We're stoked to find someone soon!"

For more information on The Mountains Divide Us and to check out a few tracks, head on over to
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Omni Calls It A Day
January 19, 2009
Salinas, CA progressive melodic tech death metallers, Omni, who just recently posted two new songs online, have apparently decided to throw in the towel.

Omni was easily the best and most capable band to ever come together in the Salinas/Monterey area (contrary to what many of the local "hardcore scene" devotees might choose to believe), with a sound showcasing influences ranging from Opeth and Between The Buried and Me to The Faceless and Veil Of Maya. But as is seemingly becoming more and more typical within the extreme metal genre, many of the young bands that show any kind of promise seem unable to keep it together long enough to make enough noise to get noticed. And it's unfortunate that despite their obvious talent, Omni has now become a part of that statistic.

No official word on the cause of the break up has been released.

For more information on Omni and to check out some of the band's material, head on over to
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Omni Issues Update, Posts New Songs Online
January 9, 2009
Salinas, CA prog/tech melodic extreme metallers, Omni, have issued the following update via the bands Myspace Page:

"Unfortunately the band is on an indefinite hiatus. Unless certain issues within the band get resolved, the band is no more. But please check out the new material!"

Two new songs, entitled "P Oak B" and "New Songish", which were supposed to be part of the band's first official EP release, have been posted to the bands Myspace page, which you can check out at this location. Whether or not the EP ever sees the light of day remains to be seen.

For more information and updates on Omni, be sure to head on over to
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HOME TOWN: Salinas, CA
Marcus Wade - Guitars
Jantzen Holt - Guitars
Jacob Bonick - Bass
Alec James - Keyboards
Jonny Lollis- Drums

Omni (Formerly 'Nocturnia') started out in September 2005, with founding members Marcus Wade, Jacob Bonick and Eric Lacuesta. Over the past 3 years, the band has dealt with a number of line up shifts, including the loss of founding member Eric Lacuesta. Despite dealing with a revolving door of would-be musicians, Marcus and Jacob remained steadfast, and have finally managed to lock in a solid line up.

Alongside Marcus and Jacob, the current line up includes: Guitarist Jantzen Holt, who joined summer of 06; Keyboardist Alec James joined in late September of 06; and Drummer Jonny Lollis, who took over the kit in early 08. 

Combining influences from many death and progressive metal bands, Omni strive to create music with intense and chaotic guitar riffs, epic keyboard and piano arrangements, and clean vocals mixed with death metal growls. With one self produced demo under their belts, Omni are once again self producing new material for a second demo release. The band is also completely gig ready, and looking for shows.

For booking, contact the band via direct email or through their myspace page: