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HOME TOWN: Manchester, UK
Mike Vennart (vocals/guitar)
Steve Durose (vocals/guitar)
Gambler (guitar)
Jon Ellis (bass)
Mark Heron (drums)

Effloresce Ef+flo+resce vb. (intr.) 1. To burst forth into or as if into flower; bloom. "Oceansize made triple-guitar paradise of their slot at 2002's South by Southwest festival. 'Relapse' is an EP-size bite of their heavy golden drone, the nine-minute title track affirms everything that knocked me out that night. While everyone else is going back to the garage, Oceansize are headed for the outer limits." David Fricke, ROLLING STONE "A slice of epic triple guitar abuse from Manchester that proves that prog is the new garage..." NME "One of the finest from the New Guitar Breed" THE FACE OCEANSIZE release their highly anticipated debut album Effloresce through Beggars Banquet on May 18, 2004. Effloresce features 12 tracks mixing shimmering, delicate ambient keyboards and their trademark hypnotic, 3-guitar attack. All the tracks were recorded and produced by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Feeder) during Spring /Summer 2003. The album includes ‘One Day All This Could Be Yours’ from their last EP (UK only release), as well as their UK single ‘Remember Where You Are’. "It's a schizophrenic album: blissed-out highs to brooding lows with violent outbursts inbetween. We want to send the listener on a journey through the euphoric and the terrifying - an emotional rollercoaster that they can immerse themselves in. Like all our favourite records, once you've allowed it to grab you, you're in it for the long haul. Oh, and it rocks like a bastard, too." OCEANSIZE Having gigged regularly over the past 18 months with great success, including two tours with The Cooper Temple Clause and one with kindred spirits Cave-In, OCEANSIZE have an ever-growing reputation for their powerful sound. They have gained favourable comparisons in the press to bands like Mogwai, Tool, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, My Bloody Valentine, Can, and Faith No More among others. This has led to them being championed by NME as spearheading the so-called new-prog rock revolution alongside Canyon and Dead Meadow.