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Dreamers And Deadmen

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HOME TOWN: New Brunswick, NJ
Matt Hay (guitar)
Tim Cuccolo (bass)
Carl Severson (vocals)
Chris Ross (drums)

Hailing from central New Jersey, NORA has built a reputation for excellence both in the realm of live performance and in the the studio. In times past, they've shared members with bands such as Burnt by the Sun and Ensign, and have incorporated the experiences and backgrounds of these widely disparate sounds into a chaotic tumble that breathes the sound and life of their home turf. Consistently energetic, tight, and sincere, NORA has developed from their beginnings as a fledgeling side project into a band that has traveled Europe, the United States, and Canada, and continues to explore new ground with a touring schedule that is not for the faint of heart. In the seventh year of their existence, NORA continues to re-invent themselves, incorporating new elements into their repetoire, while retaining the same core mix of groove and chaos that have served them well in past releases. Since their Ferret Records debut, and through the EP ("The Neverendingyouline"), LP ("Loser's Intuition") on Trustkill Records, NORA has refused to remain static in their approach to songwriting. The results are both ear-poundingly heavy and tastefully melodic, with a rhythm section employing both a frenzied set of tempo changes and a finely tuned sense of groove and style. Each record has been a giant step forward, and their latest effort is no exception. From the chaotic speed and darkness of "Deadmen" to the heavy, twisted rock feel of "I Should've Sent Flowers," NORA continues to demonstrate the flair for dynamic and flow, creating a sound that nods to their influences in rock, metal, and hardcore while retaining a fierce sense of individual style that imitates no one. The topics addressed by Severson reflect the same dynamic that NORA strives to create with each song. The messages are simple, yet subtle, based on both individual experience and the larger, fundamental concepts that drive us all, both within the scene we call hardcore and in the world at large. Prior records have included musings on alienation, the struggles of friendship, love, and loss intertwine with larger societal issues, touching upon religion, media desensitization, and the roles of women in modern culture. Their latest record, entitled "Dreamers and Deadmen," provides ten different perspectives on a common theme. It encompasses the struggle of the dreamer in a world where creativity, individuality, and purpose seem to be in short supply, and the depressing drudgery of daily life threatens to drag down even the strongest of heart. Ranging from messages of glowing positivity, to examinations of self-doubt in the face of failure, to the simple truths of finding balance and sticking to your guns, the lyrics on NORA's latest Trustkill full-length effort reflect a band who continues to grow, mature and speak intelligently about the issues in the world around them.