My Bitter End Asking For Some Help
August 7, 2011
The following 'Note' has been posted to My Bitter End's Official Facebook page:

"whats up guys...i got some bad news. while at gathering of the vibes in bridgeport CT, my brother and MBE guitarist todd ranne was arrested due to possession of marijuana and money. he's facing some serious charges and we could use some help getting him out. his bail is currently 100,000 which is largely excessive(quoted from the lawyer i've been speaking to). he has court on august 8th and i'm hoping the bail gets reduced. i am doing my best to gather funds for a lawyer, bail, etc. but it is def taking it's toll on me financially and i doubt i can do it on my own. he's been denied legal aid and locked up for about 2 weeks now, the money they found w/ him was his life savings. my brother has never done any drugs besides smoke some blunts and have some drinks. he doesn't deserve to be where he is. if you want to help us out please donate to the paypal linked w/ this thanks again. BTW...this does not mean MBE will be slowing down, hank, bob, jessie, and i are still writing the new material and it's coming along fantastically, as well as todd and i having some songs already written too. we may need to utilize a fillin while todd is away, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. thanks again."

-mike ranne

Anyone interested in donating via paypal can use the above mentioned email ''.

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